Sep 28, 2010

The Smell of Autumn

Autumn is living next door. Sometimes she pours her tears out or just leaves her fresh cosy smell at our home.
It wouldn't be possible to create these wooden earrings if she hadn't knocked on the door.

This is our autumn wooden earrings offer.

Materials: wood, glass bead, stone


Sep 24, 2010


It's all about love & passion.
This set of earrings and necklace is a special dedication to one beloved person who is far away but whose enigma permanently exists in Her world. The set was designed while listening our favourite Taken By Trees.

Materials: garnet, amber, metal & glass beads, chains, vintage key and a pinch of romance.


Sep 23, 2010

Wood Nymphs

It's always been a real pleasure for us to make jewels that are special orders.
The process is deeply related to our inner feelings about the person we make this for.
We always trust on our intuition and that's why the satisfaction is always shared.

The materials we used in these pairs are wood, semi precious stones and acrylic paint.
We discovered a new paint technique and that is why the design is completely different from our older wooden earrings.

Thanks to our customers for the inspiration.


Sep 22, 2010

No Name Bar

As a result of fruitful collaboration between No Name Bar and CRAFTWOMEN it is a real pleasure for us to introduce the brand new bar of our friend and soul sister Diana Balabanova.

The bar is located in the very center of Pazardzhik. The bar interior design is a sophisticated mixture of styles. Visitors will be able to choose from a great variety of beverages and latte art.

Here you can catch a glimpse of the place.



Sep 21, 2010

The Bubble Earrings

New pair of obsidian earrings.
It was like a child game while taking these photos so we called them The Bubble Earrings.
All credit to HAZE for the great vision.

Photos: HAZE

Sep 18, 2010

Sunday Party Club

This Sunday you can find CRAFTWOMEN in The Art Club in Sofia from 12 pm till 8 pm. The day is devoted to arts and crafts.

See you there.

Sep 10, 2010

Shall we dance?

The new design was born while getting lost in music and funny dust spots on the windows during a gloomy midweek afternoon experience. The special colour selection came to match my benevolent non-thoughts.

All credit to HAZE for the marvellous photos.

Materials: domino blocks, wood, silver hooks, enormous amounts of peace

Photos: HAZE

Sep 9, 2010

The Pomegranate Earrings

It's an old earrings design but we added some new ideas and redesigned them.
The garnet brings the fresh smell of pomegranate, so we called this pair the Pomegranate Earrings. They are the last design from this year's summer trip. Hope you'll enjoy them!

Materials: garnet, chains


Sep 7, 2010

Peace of Mind

Here they are - the new summer sandy earrings.
Made under the magic trees of Kara Dere.

Materials: stone, ceramic bead, silver hook


Sep 6, 2010


It was a fabulous summer spent at the seaside.

I was devoted to the birds' songs, wild beaches, the whispers of the wind, the voice of the stunning sea and the calm embrace of the forest.

It was real inspiration to be close to Mother Nature.

Soon you'll see our new creations. Till then take a look at the photos.

Kara Dere

Stones Workshop

Stones Workshop

Stones Workshop

Stones Workshop

Stones Workshop


Bar Koraba







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