Dec 30, 2013

Happy Winter Holidays and Happy New Year 2014!

*Happy winter holidays and Happy New Year 2014!*
Hope all of you have received the dreamed gifts and shared the happy moments with your friends and the loved ones!
We the discovered the absolute Christmas feeling thanks to few  of our favourite activities: we worked on a custom order that had to be finished before the Christmas Eve and we were also definitely inspired from the ultimate Christmas bazaar in the city - Angels and Pigs that took place in SKLADA where many Bulgarian designers exposed their works.

Now in front of our wish list for 2014 we do hope the upcoming year to be inspiring, full with new ideas and thrilling events.

Here are the highlights for our studio during the year:

We started our brand new line for bracelets and bangles
We organized the First Etsy Craft Party for Sofia in June 2013
Participated in few local bazaars
We announced our first give away in our blog
Our Etsy shop was featured in this absolute lovely Puella Aeterna blog.
One pair of earrings was featured in Flappers and Monks
In November 2013 our blog hit 5 years

*Just a kind reminder - our promised give away that had to take place in December 2013 is moved in January 2014 - just stay tuned! 

We would like to thank to all of our friends, partners, followers and of course to thank to our customers!
Have a great New Years Eve celebration!

Dec 3, 2013

Five Years

Hello there!

We are happy to announce that our blog has an anniversary!

Yeah, 5 whole years of hard work, many trips, new friends and followers, inspirations, different projects and events.

We passed through restoration of old furnitures, crafting different handmade items and participations in many local bazaars. We experimented with "strange" materials trying to find the hidden elements in ourselves and in the same time to share a little part of our world.

These are some unpublished photos from some of our trips.

Thank you for being our readers!

Nov 17, 2013

Tools and Jewelries

We like crafty tools and sometimes they were great source of help and inspirations for creating some of the jewelries in our latest collection. The latest pair of earrings is such kind of example. Those of you who follow us in the blog know that few months ago we had the same shaped-tools-earrings made out of yellow and red plexiglass in our shop but right now they are not available.
Now we present to you these blue earrings available here

Nov 3, 2013

Colorful Spectacles Necklaces

Just listed these two spectacles necklaces in our Etsy shop - the one spectacle frame is in light green and the other in blue and both are hang on colorful metal chains.
Apart from updating the online shop and finishing few other items of our collection we prepare with new ideas for the upcoming festive holidays next month and all the Christmas bazaars and events around the city. Hope we can show you few brand new and stunning products pretty soon here.
Have a lovely and inspiring Sunday!

Oct 29, 2013

7th International Triennial of Stage Poster Sofia 2013

Almost all October long Sofia is a host of the 7th International Triennial of Stage Poster at the National Exhibition Centre of Modern Art – Union of Bulgarian Artists.
What you can find there situated in 3 relatively huge exhibition halls are the latest and freshest pieces of posters from the world of the stage poster created in the last 3 years  - around 350 poster artworks of poster makers from 30 countries as well as 33 Bulgarian artists.

Here we just captured few of our favorite pieces:

Oct 18, 2013

Autumn Treasury Lists

Happy to share that lately we have been featured to quite adorable and fancy treasuries. 
Have a look here are just three of them.
 Thanks to all the curators!

Sep 8, 2013

September Park bazaar Part 2

 Come and join us in the Park this Sunday from 1 pm to 7 pm.
 Check all the participants and the full details of the event here.

Aug 5, 2013

Hipster necklace design

Happy Monday!
How is your summer? 
Here in Sofia it is so quiet and empty. Everybody is either by the seaside or somewere in the mountains enjoying their vacation. 
It's the perferct time for young drivers to practice their skills as the traffic is almost dead. 
Oh, and it's hot.
The green of the forest and the blue of the sea are out of reach here. The city heat combined with this horrible standstill is wicked and evil. It is the state of affairs that could turn any nice movement into a morbidly depressing suicidal blood bath in the blink of an eye. 
We tried to seek salvation looking through the weekly programme of events. Impressive - there will be a film fest in Maimunarnika in Borisova garden every Monday starting 9 pm. So, if you're up for a cold beer with any friend of yours that might be stupid and unfortunate enough to still be around, and if a good movie is your kind of thing, now is the time to join the event that starts today. Programme offers Soul Kitchen by Fatih Akin. What a great movie that is! Craftwomen recommed it strongly.

For all of you wretched souls who are still in the grasp of the city, still working or just being miserable in any other way, we have prepared a new necklace design. Here is our Light Green Neon Hipster necklace made of laser cut plexiglass, enriched with violet and blue metal chains. The design is availabe in our Etsy shop and it's one of a kind, so you will be unique. Good luck with finding somebody to show off to. Necklace is still a better solution than drugs, save a bullet or a noose. Meh, we all know that a new jewel goes well with a glass of gin tonic to make you feel supersonic.
Now be cool! This is not a call to form a new sect. It’s just a call for solidarity between people not privileged to have the opportunity go to the SEAAAAAA!
Peace be with y’all J

Aug 3, 2013

Le bel été

Hey there!

While searching for some inspiring music to start the day with we recalled an absolutely brilliant video of Vanessa Bruno's collection Spring 2010. It's one of those videos that will undoubtedly do the trick if you would need a boost to lift your spirits. Go fly.

That's our inspiration of the day. What's yours?

Here is also a link to the track of Gonzales - Overnight for all piano lovers.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Aug 2, 2013

Hello August!

Hello guys!

July was full of funny events, hot summer parties and many sales. With August on the way we wish we would have an even more successful month and grasp the chance to enjoy the abondoned beaches nestled in the cool forest hands, while at the same time continue working on new design ideas.

Mood has been all nature-oriented of late. We found this adorable Board in Pinterest by Kethura Young that impressed us and easily took us off in a Dreamland. Worth checking!

That explained, we are ready to share with you 2 of our July treasury lists dedicated to the pure vibes of nature and the desire to travel.


Let's all of us have a great August!

Jul 18, 2013

I Believe in Miracles

Well, it's one of those days full of many evenets and, of course, things that need to be done.

There are two major occassions today.

First we have a friend's birthday. She is important to us as she has always supported our studio and represents a brillinat example of good mother, wife, and friend.
Happy birthday, dear Tsukie! May you have loads of  miracles and many stunning adventures!

The second one is the 176th anniversary of the birthday of the Apostle of Freedom Vasil Levski - a Bulgarian revolutionary and nationa hero. Hope there will be more true and faithful people like him, we really need such kind of spirit and example. You can find more info for Vasil Levski here.

And now back to work. We have one spicy earrings design on the menu today.The kind that remind you of sunny beaches and wild party nights.

Here it is Light Green Neon and Red Silicone Rubber earring design. You can find more details and photos of the earring in our Etsy shop.

Well, that's all from today!

Keep calm and party on!

Jul 17, 2013

Pink ceramic abstract summer necklace

Hey there! 

It's hot summer Wednesday here!
So let's freshen up with a brand new necklace design in pink. It was just listed in our Etsy shop.

The necklacere presents a contribution to our latest ceramic design line. The abstract part is handcrafted out of red clay and hand painted with pink acrylic paint. The green silicone rubber chain ends up with small purple chain that can help you to easily regulate the length of the necklace.

Don't forget to be awesome and enjoy this hot Wednesday with some cold drinks!


Jul 16, 2013

Blue Funky Rubber Earrings Design

Why, hello there!

The new designs creation process is going on full stream. It seems July will be very, very fruitful for us.
As you know we love experimenting with new and extraordinary materials. That's actually what keeps us curious and inventive.

That is the case with the new funky earrings design.
They are made of blue rubber and enriched with red detail and red metal chain. The pair is made with silver hooks.

Funky earring are available on our Etsy shop where you can aslo see more photos.

It's all about the bass!

Jul 15, 2013

Fresh Bracelet Design

Happy Monday, everybody!

Let's start the week with a fresh bracelet design that will easily fit in any summer style.
After the successful launching our Shapes and Colors Bracelet design line here is a new design we have. The bracelet is wooden and hand painted in light electric green, pink and light blue and is available on our Etsy shop.

Don't forget to check out our Facebook page where you can find some stunning treasury lists that we have featured in this weekend.

Jul 11, 2013

New Designs

Hello guys!

We spent a great week in the countryside. It was a really magical and refreshing time. All green, all natural, all full of love. We know you will understand and forgive us for not posting in the last week.

We haven't forgotten our promise to show you our latest jewelry designs.
We will start with some summer necklaces in green neon with silicone chain and light blue with red metal chain. The abstract parts are ceramic, painted with acrylic paint.

Both designs are availabe in our Etsy shop.

Jul 2, 2013

July Etsy Shop Updates

Hello guys!

How has July been for you?

Our plans for meeting the sunrise by the sea on the first morning of July did not quite work as we had hoped. Struggling now to remember if there was any sunlight at all day. Furious and envious as we are we hope many people managed to have a taste of magic and charged for months to come.
Oh, we know the feeling, alright, our hearts are with you.

Back to reality and updating our Etsy shop.

So, you can check out Etsy Shop and stay tuned for the new designs. Hope they will be ready next week.

Jun 28, 2013

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, guys!

А month intense with events, personalities and ideas is alsmost gone.
We had a week of cold and rain but summer is about to kick in real big time. The enormous furry ball of a cat at home doesn't like this.
Summer is lazy and smells like gin. We unlike summer are dilligent and hard-working and dedicated to a cause. 

July Morning next week? You up for it?

Gin + July Morning is a combo solid enough to result in a wave of intoxi... aahhhh... inspiration.
You behave now and we promise to reward you with some new designs. Our grain of salt :)

Off to weekend celebrations now!

Jun 25, 2013

Etsy Craft Party Photos

Hello guys!

We are back with the aftermath from the Etsy Craft Party.
It was a great day! We had fresh local artists, exchanged new ideas, and enjoyed some well-earned cool drinks in the garden of Art Hostel Sofia.
Many kids attended the event with their parents and contributed to a friendly and easy-going atmosphere. The handmade crowns and moustaches were good enough to bring smiles on people's faces.

All the participants and guests seemed satisfied. That will be a firm base for future events.
Well in, ladies and gentlemen! Thank you all!

To see photos of the event, click here.

Jun 22, 2013

Sofia Design Week // Design Bazaar

Hello everybody!

It's obviously the month of bazaars. After the Etsy Craft Party that was held on June 20th in the green garden of Art Hostel Sofia the next event that we will join is the Design Bazaar which is a part of Sofia Design Week's programme.
This year there will be many interesting workshops for kids, many open-air parties and well curated exhibitions.

If you are in Sofia this weekend consider visiting the Design Bazaar on Sunday where local designers will show their works.
CRAFTWOMEN Studio will be there too with our latest jewelry designs!

Design Bazaar 
June 23, 2013, Sofia
12 pm to 21 pm 
Natioanl Academy of Arts Garden

Jun 20, 2013

Craft for Community - DIY Projects

Hey, hey it's Thursday and the time has come! That thrill!

You all are welcome to join the local craft community at Art Hostel Sofia, 5 pm to 10 pm.

Don't forget the READ MY BOOK initiative. Cultural exchange for the win, so bring over books and magazines and share for a better world.
We have included DIY PROJECTS with original Etsy materials in the programme. It's a chance to create your own heart brooch and get a colorful crown for yourself or for somebody you care about.

The homemade truffles are ready...but some things are best kept secret!
You are up for some little surprises too!

See you there!

Jun 19, 2013

Craft Party Bazaar Participants - Part III

Dear Readers!

We have only one day left to arrange the final details around the Craft Party tomorrow. To be honest, the morning to-do list was full of urgent issues. We are almost halfway through, so it's time for a little break. Talking about a break, here is our proposal for Song Of The Day. Actually it's Song Of Yesterday but it has occupied the top spot for the very first time we heard it on BBC Radio 6. Hope you will like it.
Here it is Poliça & Justin vernon - Tiff.
Absolute addiction!

As promised we have 3 more participants waiting to be presented.
Let's start!

Nа Tavana

Na Tavana is a local craft atelier with different handmade accessories and lovely home decor decisions.
If you are wondering what else to add to your home decore, how to enrich your party decor or just trying to figure out a custom gift for a special person you are in the right place.

Bags, handmade cards, fashion accessories, little cute handcrafted items that can make your day - all these can be found in Na tavana atelier. The atelier is always open for custom orders. You know, this is the sweetest part of being a craft artists and in the same time very challanging, but there is nothing more inspiring than crafting for people you care about.

You can find more info and more items of Na tavana on Facebook and follow the latest updated at blogger.

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror fascinates with unique jewelry designs, even though this is not the only thing that the lady from Mirror Mirror is into. A great variety of lamp and boxes decorations and many textile items. All colorful and all with its own individuality.

You will be able to see the latest jewelry accessories and designs of Mirror Mirror at the upcoming event.
So if you want to be outstanding this summer and to wear fresh jewelry accessories you really wouldn't want to skip Mirror Mirror's stuff.

You also can find the full variety of Mirror Mirror's items at Facebook.


Well, we will join the party as well.
We do not consider it necessary to present ourselves as we are aware that you have been onboard for quite a while now.
You are welcome to join the party tomorrow afternoon and just go with the flow.

Jun 18, 2013

Craft Party Bazaar Participants - Part II

Hello everyone!

Before moving on with the presentation of the second part of the hot shots that will take part in the Craft Party Bazaar we wanted to share with you a lovely song that we found deep in the archives of our blog. It was the summer of 2010! Yeah, years are flying, would you believe, but some songs stay cool forever.
So enjoy Karen Ann: Lay your Head Down while reading the rest of this post.

And now on the summer trends that the local artists will be showing this Thursday.


Flyin'Panda is a relatively new label that appeared on the Bulgarian local craft market. It features a balanced  combination of high quality materials, perfect sewing skills and super cool designs.

Design by Mario Ivanov

The bags are made of calico fabric, 100 % cotton,  double stictching to ensure durability and long life. The new designs have a nice inside pocket.

You can find more bags' designs at their Facebook page and follow the latest updates.

Natural Soaps Freen

The phylosophy of Freen is simple: 100 % natural products, biodiversity preservation, biocertificated ingredients, no tests on animals, biodegradable eco-friendly materials. Or in other words natural high quality handmade soaps.

Don't miss the chance to meet these great artists on the Craft Party Bazaar where they will also organize a  workshop. Their workshop will be open for everyone willing to join in and making their own custom bar of soap.

You can find the full collection of soaps in their shop in Sofia, 7 Prespa Str. or visit their website and Facebook fan page.


When you see the ceramic works of Raklata you cannot remain indifferent.
A great variety of shapes, colors and unconvential ideas will immediately enchant your mind and trap in a world you will be reluctant to leave.

Raklata will participate in the upcoming bazaar with suitcase full of new cups designs. Make sure you come early enough so that you will be able to see these masterpieces before they have found their new owners.

You can find more ceramic designs at Raklata's Facebook page, follow her blog for the latest news and check out her website and Etsy shop.

That's all for today, guys. 
Tomorrow we will show you the last three artists that will join the local party, so don't go anywhere...


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