Dec 2, 2016

Interview with the Jewelry Artist Lucía Laredo

Today we are really happy to introduce Lucía Laredo, jewelry artist based in Lima, Peru. 
This is an article on the fascinating art creation process of Lucía. 
Let's dive in the creative atmosphere of her studio. 
Here we go, read the full interview below.

(CRAFTWOMEN Studio)How did you start everything? What is your art background?

(Lucía Laredo) In 2006 I graduated  the Jewelry and Metalsmith Institute SENATI, the first school in Peru to teach Jewelry as a technical discipline. Before the school was open jewelry in Peru was a job learned only by practice or taught from one generation to the next. I develop my skills working at Ester Ventura workshop, a famous jewelry designer in Peru. And working at Lima Museum of Art improves my knowledge of art, art conservation and restoration. I also studied Artistic Jewelry at the School of Fine Arts and Graphic Design. I have constantly taken courses related to jewelry or related topics. 

CW Is there such kind of material that makes you to express yourself the best while creating pieces of jewelry? 

LL Metal is my favorite material to work, because it has various properties, many different manufacture processes and surface treatments.

CW Do you fancy listening to music while creating? What tunes are you up to?

LL Yes, music keeps me company while I am working. however it has to be in low volume otherwise I get distracted. I like almost every kind of music.

CW Could you tell us something about the source of your inspiration in both work and life?

LL Daily life, what I see, what I hear, what I read...whatever that generates something on me. Today I could work with some material, tomorrow I could develop a theme...this makes the contemporary jewelry a diverse and endless world. That's why I enjoy jewelry a lot. It gives to me freedom to create what I want...

CW Do you think the city you live in has to do with shaping your artistic sense and taste?

LL Definitely yes. Lima is the center of Peru, where different cultural expressions and different customs converge and interact. Sometimes this city can be friendly and sometimes it can be aggressive.

CW  Could you name some of your favourite jewelry designers and artists in general?

LL I admire the skill of the metalsmith pre-Columbian and Jack Cunningham, Karl Fritsch, Tessa Rickard. I love their work because they really seem to enjoy making jewelry.
In Art, in general, the surrealism and the installations are my favorites.

CW Could  you tell us more about contemporary craft communities in Lima?

LL Contemporary craft in Lima has a few exhibition spaces and these are, most of the time, exclusive. I would love it if more places existed in Peru where jewelry designers could show and spread our work and get the recognition that it deserves.

Thank you, Lucía! 

Find and shop online jewelry by Lucía Laredo at the following links: and plus follow her at Facebook and Instagram

Hope you guys to be inspired by this meeting with Lucía and her creative space.
If you need some more inspiration or gift ideas learn the details around the story of Giardinoblu organic jewelry.

Dec 1, 2016

Handmade Dreams Exhibition + SoBazaar in the Heart of Sofia

  Winter is already here and the biggest proof is the first snow outside. Just two days ago Sofia was covered all around with snow. You can sense the festive spirit and the upcoming winter holidays everywhere - in the nicely decorated shops, cafes, local bakeries and bookstore. 

  What we really liked and we attended these snowy days is an exhibition that takes place in the Czech Institute called Handmade Dreams - Contemporary Czech Jewelry. The closing of the exhibition is on 2nd December and we strongly recommend to have a closer look at the pieces of jewelry exposed at one of the halls of the institute. 

 The project itself is curated by Petra Nového from the Museum of glass and Jewellery in Jablonec. 
In the exhibition are also featured students' works as well as works crafted and finished during the contest Master of Crystal.
 Apart from the glass, Czech jewelry is an established traditional brand of relatively small country in Europe and definitely it is worthy to get closer to examine its gorgeous collections and artifacts. 

  One more event grabbed our attention and more precisely this is the Christmas Edition of SoBazaar is going to take place on 3rd and 4th December at the space of SOHO. Plus we cannot hide we are in love with their beautiful poster for the event. Meet all the artists and participants in advance at the Facebook event here and of course in person right at the spot you can have the opportunity to have a chat with them and will get to know more about the creative process, the materials or to choose something special for yourself. 

And the rest you know just take your time and pick up the best gifts for the loved ones.

Nov 1, 2016

November KinoMania and Movies In the Air

Seems like this November the mood of Sofia is under the influence of the cinema vibes because of few massive events dedicated to the seventh art that are going to take place in different venues, cinema and exhibition halls round the city.
Below are the highlights of what we picked up for everyone that appreciates and truly likes cinema.

3rd November, from 6.30 pm Exhibition Hungarian movie posters from the 80's opening at the exhibition hall of the Balassi Institute in Sofia + music by DJ Altais

7th November starts the 8th International Triennial of Stage Poster in Sofia. The exhibitions could be visited until 21st November in the traditional and emblematic for the triennial exhibition halls. From 17th November till 1st December - The 30th anniversary of the International Film festival КИНОМАНИЯ

Though we still have not picked up movies from the program of Kinomania definitely our November soundtrack is created by DENA.

Sep 20, 2016

September To-Do-Memory-List in Progress

We are inpatient to visit the events at location 24 part of the Night in Plovdiv 2016.

This is when you realize summer is over.

Would you like to try these colorful retro clips on.

When the Messenger of the Gods is a bright star in the sky.

Pastel pink can be also an obsession.

This time we are fully prepared for a very special anniversary in September! 

Sep 15, 2016

September Cultural Events in Sofia

September is back again. 
The culture program is full with events like never before. What you   would need is to have time and to bring with you your adventurous spirit, couple of friends and to start exploring around the city where you will find cool event locations, great people, big parties and lots of fun.

Here follows our top three events from the program around the Bulgarian capital in September.

It is a fact we have already skipped the opening of the exhibition called simply "СТЪКЛО" /GLASS/ dedicated to the glass art making but it is never too late. There are few more days what left to have a closer look at the pieces made out of glass by the students from New Bulgarian University. The venue is the Czech Center in Sofia and you can visit the exhibition until 16th September. 

The next stop is the 9th International Fair of the Puppets that takes place from 16th till 22nd September. It is interesting fact that this year is also the 70th anniversary of Sofia Puppet Theater as well you will have the chance to see the performances of many street and puppet theaters from USA and Europe. The program of the fair you can find both in Bulgarian and English.

And now for something completely different. kvARTal is a festival that takes place for the very first time this year in one of the coziest and multicultural neighborhoods in Sofia-city. The full program of the events during the festival is here.

And one more thing - season soundtrack is never bad idea and for this reason here is our ultimate autumn track plus we are curious what is yours favorite piece of music inspired by the autumn.

Jul 28, 2016

5 Easy Steps to Bring the Seaside Vibes Right in the City + July Summer in the City Weekend Ideas Guide

Maybe all of you already have plans for full recreation and fun during this summer but still here in this post we share with you few of the ideas what we grabbed while daydreaming and making these two treasury lists. 

Hope these five simple ideas below make your summer to-do-list complete:

1. Throw a pool party - what could be better alternative if you cannot reach the sandy beach during the weekend than being with friends around or in the pool 

2. Summer cinema - summer under the sky is always good idea - get together with some folks and pick up your favourite movies or just check the full program for summer cinema in Sofia organized by Blok Kino

3. Make homemade ice cream - if you have not tried it yet this is the time to 

4. Do city gardening - this is definitely for all garden lovers, just look around and find your corner in the neighborhood and return it into the local oasis

5. Balcony therapy - if your balcony is not big enough to put right in the center enormous swimming pool but you have some other ideas how you can improve your terrace, right in the moment there is really cool initiative by IKEA called Balkonturist

'Summer Fun Ideas Guide' by CraftFields

♥ Enjoy your summer! ♥

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'Summer Vibes' by CraftFields

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