Dec 1, 2016

Handmade Dreams Exhibition + SoBazaar in the Heart of Sofia

  Winter is already here and the biggest proof is the first snow outside. Just two days ago Sofia was covered all around with snow. You can sense the festive spirit and the upcoming winter holidays everywhere - in the nicely decorated shops, cafes, local bakeries and bookstore. 

  What we really liked and we attended these snowy days is an exhibition that takes place in the Czech Institute called Handmade Dreams - Contemporary Czech Jewelry. The closing of the exhibition is on 2nd December and we strongly recommend to have a closer look at the pieces of jewelry exposed at one of the halls of the institute. 

 The project itself is curated by Petra Nového from the Museum of glass and Jewellery in Jablonec. 
In the exhibition are also featured students' works as well as works crafted and finished during the contest Master of Crystal.
 Apart from the glass, Czech jewelry is an established traditional brand of relatively small country in Europe and definitely it is worthy to get closer to examine its gorgeous collections and artifacts. 

  One more event grabbed our attention and more precisely this is the Christmas Edition of SoBazaar is going to take place on 3rd and 4th December at the space of SOHO. Plus we cannot hide we are in love with their beautiful poster for the event. Meet all the artists and participants in advance at the Facebook event here and of course in person right at the spot you can have the opportunity to have a chat with them and will get to know more about the creative process, the materials or to choose something special for yourself. 

And the rest you know just take your time and pick up the best gifts for the loved ones.

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