Oct 15, 2014

OLX Atelier

Now then. 
Here's an interesting challenge both for CRAFTWOMEN Studio and our dear friends. 

We are taking part in an OLX.bg contest with our jewelry designs. 
The contest is devided into subcategories - art, home decoration, jewelries, clothes and accesories. All the local designers are welcome to join the competion.
Rewards are very attractive - 20 designers will have the chance to win 1000 BGN to support their businesses.
Of course it's not only the prize that drives us. We appreciate a good opportunity to shine showing our stuff in the new sales platform that OLX represents.

So, if you are fond of our jewelry designs and share our views, concepts and freelosophy, please vote for CraftWomen on the link below.

We wish good luck to all the participants.

Well, why not complete this post with some new stunning braclets? 

There you go:

Sep 12, 2014

Fashion Weekend

Happy Friday, guys!

Craftwomen will spend a whole weekend /13.09 - 14.09/ in one of our favourite city - Plovdiv. We will participate in an interesting event called Fashion Day, oraganized by Incubator and Mgb Fashion Studio. The moto of the event is The Devil Is My Fashion Idol.

You will be able to see and buy jewelry designs from our last collection Shapes and Colors and of course the hand-painted bags will be there as well.

Here are some of the new designs:

It seems that it's going to be a very interesting weekend starting today with the Nights of the Museums and Gallaries Plovdiv - an event truely worth attending.

Stay tuned for a photo story from our trip to Plovdiv!

Sep 11, 2014

Hello September!

Hello everyone!

September has reached us already. Sad truth is Summer is in decline. Good thing is we shall ride towards the Sea to pay or respects and see it off properly. 

But just before golden leaves start falling in scarlet shadows and cool rain kicks in... Craftwomen is the place to resort to. It's like going to an old lady for a chocolate chip cookie or a piece of homemade raspberry cake with a cup of tea.

We have some of our old jewelry designs, only this time finished in new colours.

We also attempted some experimental shooting to catch the eye. Pleased as we are with the results, we leave the final verdict to you.

Of course, all these little beauties are waiting to be found in our online Etsy shop.

Aug 12, 2014

Hello August!

Hello guys!

How's you summer going? You enjoying yourselves some place far far away or sweting buckets in some demotivational office environment? 
Don't worry, your time will come. It always does.

And as always Craftwomen are here to help. Don't be shy and use this opportunity.

We would like to brief you now on a little shipping policy update.
From now on we will ship our items outside Bulgaria with Priority Mail. This means that the items sent will have tracking numbers so that you will have live info on the entire process and its progress. 
You can check the full info here.

For our local customers the info about shipping wihtin Bulgaria can be seen here.

Hope you like these changes, as our goal is making your shopping easy and fun. As always we are focused on making clients happy.

So, let's finish this post with some very nice Etsy finds collected in our Summer Breeze treasury list!

Have fun!

Tropical Art, Banana Tree Bu...

Kodak Instant Camera, Made i...

asphalt/ ring size 7.5

Gray leather tote bag - Leat...

80s CAPUCCI frame / Vintage ...

RESERVED: Breaking Chevrons ...

Large flower ring with purpl...

The Pills earrings

Vintage Dominoes White Rainb...

Striped Oversize Shirt, with...

free shipping - amber chestn...

Jade/hot pink pencil case/co...

Druzy Crystal Earrings - Zeb...

No. 304 Black Powder: Compos...

white twig pencils - hand pa...

Palm Tree, Palm Tree Art, Be...

Jul 10, 2014

Hand painted Bags Summer 2014

Hello Sunny July and hello everybody!

We just launched a brand new project of ours in attempt to get you with a pleasant surprise. Our hand painted cotton bags are here now to facilitate your summer walks, market hunts, and your everyday activities. Arrangement of the planets and mastermind engineering favour adding something additional to your overall outfit just to make the world a better place. You know very well that you can trust us when we say so.

Here are some specs:
The bags are 100 % cotton. Some of the designs feature long and short handles to suit any taste.
Patterns can be made in custom colours.
We use special textile paint so all bags are machine washable up to 30 C.

Please send us a message in our facebook page if you are willing to order any bags.
For our local customers we use Econt courier services and for our customers out of Bulgaria we ship with Bulgarian Post Offices.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts about this new project.



Have a great week and stay tuned for more hand-painted designs!

Jun 28, 2014

Design Bazaar in Plovdiv 29 June 2014, One Design Week

Just one day away from the Design bazaar part of International festival for design and visaul culture One Design Week. This is our second year as a participant in the Design bazaar. You can find out our newest stuff from this Sunday, 29 June 2014, in Plovdiv. A sneak peek before tomorrow find out here

Jun 23, 2014

Jahmmi Youth - Vikai

Hi there!

You see, we started the whole Craftwomen thing because we needed a way to express, promote and develop our art. So our thing is our thing and we strive for perfection in what we do. Profiled as we are, we are not strangers to other forms of art. Because in the end it is all a part of a Masterplan.

This post is a shout out to all successful art-meets-art bombs. 

Are you familiar with  Jahmmi Youth? If not, shame on you! Luckily there is a remedy for that. Go play Jahmmi Youth and his new track Vikai (Shout). It is the first Bulgarian track of Jahmmi Youth and Craftwomen are really proud to be featured in the video with some of our neon jewellry designs.

We do not always get represented in music videos but when we do, we do it in style. Big up!

Enjoy the video and spread the LOVE!

Find more info for Jahmmi Youth here.

May 14, 2014

Disco Manga

Hello everybody!
Respect and confidence points to Craftwomen as we took part in the project of the very talented photographers Zlatena Anetalz and Viktoria Tzvetanova - Disco Manga.

The project has been featured in Gesture Magazine, issue 13, including an interview with the photographers.

Craftwomen were represented by a rubber necklace design.This design will be included in our new line to be announced very soon.

Check out the full photo session here.

Feb 17, 2014

Giardinoblu Exclusive Organic Jewelry

Hi there!

We are eager to share with you one of our favourite artists we found in the ocean of Etsy shops.

Francesca Mancini - an organic designer and jewelry maker. You can find her works under the name Giardinoblu, an independent lab that works with organic and recycling materials. 

Watching her jewelry designs one might end up in some sunny green woods and at the same fall under the spell of Italy. An explosion of urban and countryside emotions you would want to experience every day.

Our favourite collections of Giardinoblu are the Beetle Collection and the Drop Collection.
Striking varaiery of bracelets, brooches, rings and necklaces that fascinate with magic and style.

Should you be willing to dig deeper into Giardinoblu's world, make sure to check out her website where you can find more info and see all the collections or select a fine item if you will.

Feb 12, 2014



We've got some great news on the Neon Planet Project!
It appears it has been featured in one of the most exclusive fashion magazines Institutemag! Have that!

Once again, special thanks to the solid team we worked with:

Photgraphy Zlatena Anetalz Viktoria Tzvetanova
Stylist Anetalz Vintage 2hand Cheap Monday 2013
Model Lorina Kamburova
Makeup Alex Malex Hair&Make-Up
Scenographer Krista Vacheva 
Jewelries  CRAFTWOMEN Studio
Studio PhotoSpot photography

Mad props!


Jan 29, 2014

Cheer up

Hi there!

As always we are focused on trying to create beautiful items for people to use as weapons fighting against winter boredom.
So, if you are feeling sleepy and under the weather - our Etsy shop is the place to resort to.

There you may find the new wooden bracelets, as promised. At least, a brief moment of excitement and pleasure is what we offer.

Now cheer up, ladies and gentlemen!

Jan 27, 2014

Brocade Bracelet Design

Dear followers!

We are currently applying the magical final touch needed to complete a new bracelet set design. Our craft factory will make a fresh release by the end of this week. 

Now we are eager to reveal our Purple and Red Wooden Brocade Bracelet
Wood is clear-shaped enriched with purple brocade. Just what one would need to break the colourless silence of snow. Dare!

More details and photos at our etsy shop!

Jan 21, 2014

The Neon planet

Hello there!

Sorry for not posting for so long but it was for a good reason after all. We got involved in a bursting project with a young and enthusiastic Bulgarian crew. 
As it turned out the mist in Sofia lifted away and we all escaped to the Neon planet!

Hope you will like the results of this collaboration with Zlatena Anetalz. And by the way "Happy B-day Zlatena! Ho-ho-ho, you colourful girl you!"
Here is a reference to the names and links to the other guys who took part in this challenge and of course the photos!

Click here to see the full photo session.


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