Dec 31, 2010

The Time Is Now

Well, this is the last cup of earrings designs for year 2010.
The first pair is inspired by fairy tales heroes made with decoupage paper and shinning glass beads.
The second pair is designed in red, blue and white and is still waiting for the girl who bought them on the event "В Самолет Без Билет" but forgot them. Girl, if you see this, please contact us on our email, we are still keeping these for you.

We wish you a Happy New Year 2011 and thank all of you who made our year 2010 smiley, beautiful, charming and inspirational one.
May 2011 be your year!


More than

As you all know one of the things that we love more than everything is to design jewellery for special people. We feel inspired and at the same time challenged however we know that´s the point in our job.
We present to you the result of a custom order in pink and white.

Materials: glass and metal beads, silver hooks


В Самолет Без Билет Vol.2

Before the end of the year we no doubt have to mention the second edition of the event "В Самолет Без Билет" which was held on 16.12.2010, in Greenhouse Effect, Sofia.
The event was enriched by DJ Gera's music.
Here is the list of the participants who brought positive vibes right before the holidays:


Dec 30, 2010

Charm the sorrow away

We caught the spontaneous inspiration sparkle while our thoughts gently moved around trying to find the exact form.
We are glad to present to you two exclusive earring designs dedicated to those still searching the ways of happiness in small things.

Materials: chains, metal beads, amethyst, wool, silver hooks


Black & White

In the context of the white winter landscape CRAFTWOMEN offer you a stylish set of jewellery.


satin, chains, vintage beads, decoupage paper, wood, acrylic paint, silver hooks


Dec 15, 2010

White and Red

CRAFTWOMEN officially announce that the domination of cold these days will not under any circumstances hinder our efforts for artistic expression. Crafthands and Craftfingers will stand united against frostbites, sore throats, runny noses and the subsequent supernatural heating bills seeking to deliver warmth inspiring designs for whoever needs such.

We have two pieces of evidence for you – the first design has already been exposed worn by a Christmas Party designated Snowhite, while the second comes to hint that neither handmade art nor any other form of art will succumb to Winter pressure. These are weapons, you know, just like special blend tea, hot chocolate, red wine, thick scarves and fancy bourbon.

So, are you still sleeping?

Materials: chains, vintage and glass beads, silver hooks


Dec 11, 2010

Christmas Cards

In a world of technological progress it seems that some people have forgotten the meaning of real greeting cards.
To gift a handmade greeting card is rather an intimate moment than a simple gesture.

We are happy to present to you our Christmas handmade greeting cards offer in silver and white shades.

Hope to find your way to share your feelings and to make some valuable person smile because of your Christmas card and wish.


Dec 7, 2010

International Volunteer Day - Workshops

Hello there!
We are extremely happy to share with you our impressions and photos from the International Volunteer Day which took place in the Hungarian Cultural Institute - Sofia, on December4th and 5th.

Special thanks to Bilyana for inviting us to this event and giving us the chance to make our first workshop ever on December 4th.

The event was full of various workshops:


Recycling paper


The fabulous Sushi workshop

And also volunteers' stories about their experiences.

You might wonder "What about CRAFTWOMEN workshop?"
Well, we called it Clay workshop and it wouldn't be a real one without all the people who took part and shared a piece of their world expressing it through clay.
We had great time with all of you guys. It was real pleasure to design and craft together!

Here are your designs:

The evening floated off with a Darplay game which was the end of all shared emotions.


Dec 5, 2010

Garage Sale No 6

Today is the 6th Garage Sale.
It will take place at TWINS club, National Palace of Culture, Sofia at 7 pm.

You can find there:
smiles, colourful people, things that you need or just will fall in love with, music and handmade art.

See you there!


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