Jun 13, 2013

Keep Calm and Be Patient

Hey, hey how are you guys!
Hope everything is well with all of you!

We are eager to start with today's news. 

The morning started with a phone call informing us that there's a delivery guy in front of our door with package from USA. Wow, we flew down the stairs - 100 % convinced that it was the DIY projects craft supplies from Etsy for the Craft Party. And we were right but instead of receiving a box of supplies we were instructed to go to the Customs Office and were awarded a bunch of papers. Yes, sometimes you have to keep calm and be patient and we know that the patience could be key. So, tomorrow we will go to them Customs Office to complete the quest. You should expect the results revealed some time tomorrow afternoon. 

The other important news from today is that the Etsy Craft Party poster and flyer designs are ready.
Soon you will find our flyers around popular spots in Sofia.

Now, here it is. Have a look and share your thoughts with us.



Anonymous said...

Love the flyer! Even though i couldn't read the last part of it. Hehe! I'm not sure if we have an Etsy event in my country, so next time maybe i'll come to yours since we're "neighbours" (i'm from Romania). :)
Good luck!



Than you Andreea! It will be great if you can take part in the next etsy craft party in Bulgaria.
We really love your "paper miracles"!


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