Jun 6, 2013

Summer Trends

The end of week is approaching but it doesn't mean that we will stop working.
We all know that when you love doing something it's actually not a working but rather a way of living.

The latest news from our studio is that we are going to join a very nice bazaar out of Sofia this weekend. It's chance to meet with some of our fans, friends and of course a chance to show our latest jewelry designs.
But be patient we will give you more details for the event tomorrow.

And now you can see one of your new earrings designs that be part to your summer outfit.
Colours are source of energy and they can charge us with good feelings. That is one good reason why we won't stop experimenting with colours as they prove to be a major inspiration lately.

Here are two up-to-date summer jewelry designs made of silicone rubber and colourful chains. Both made with silver hooks.


SarahBeth said...

Cute earrings! Good luck at the bazaar!


Really thank you!


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