Nov 29, 2010

Back in time

The latest set we created is this antique style design including a bracelet and a pair of earrings.

The bracelet is made of a vintage chain combined with lazurite stones, glass beads and ends with small key.

The earrings are made of two farthing coins dated 1939 and a couple of gorgeous crystal beads.


Nov 28, 2010

В Самолет Без Билет

Here are some photos of the event "В Самолет Без Билет" held on 25.11.2010, Sofia, in Vlaikova club and organized by CRAFTWOMEN and Zaek Baek where young and creative Bulgarian artists showed their creations as well as shared a little part of their world.

The Crew of the first flight was:

Thanks for all the attendants and for the high spirits that make this event a magic land for magic people.

Photos: HAZE

Nov 23, 2010

Christmas candleholders

Silver has a magical energy. It is usually associated with mystery and represents the intuition and imagination and that's why we devoted ourselves to it.
This candleholder set is a special dedication to the mysterious ways to the purest and deepest path to heart.

The set is suitable not only to decorate your Christmas table but can also be used throughout the year for party celebrations.

Materials: glass, textiles, silver acrylic paint


Nov 18, 2010

Christmas ornaments

Winter is coming and we decided to start with the Christmas decoration.

We are pleased to be able to offer you eight Christmas tree ornaments:
apple, angel, bird, heart, snowman, deer, Santa Claus and star.

Make this Christmas a merry one with these wooden ornaments.

Materials: wood, decoupage paper


Nov 14, 2010


This set is a special customer order.
Her desire was to have flowers and to shine.
We tried to build on the description and to catch some inner pieces of her character and her emotional world which resulted in these romantic earrings and necklace.

Materials: metal and glass beads, silver hooks, love


Nov 12, 2010

Your Day Has Finally Come

Another domino earrings which will be added in our Domino Design Collection. The pair is extremely flexible, has an adjustable length to satisfy any preference.

And a pair of clay and azure stone earrings which combines the passionate and powerful effect of Red as well as the purity and the tranquility that Blue brings.

Materials: domino blocks, chains, glass beads, clay, azure stone


Nov 10, 2010

Zarry's B-day Earrings

Designing Zarry's B-day earrings has been a real adventure.
Matching presents with people's personalities is always a challenging and demanding task.
Тhe decoupage technique used features some rather rare and special paper.
Those are actually pages from some old book dated 1921, printed in some gothic style German language font.
Never really knew what those lines were all about but luckily our client reads German far better than us and just maybe she will be able to find some encoded meaning there.
Let's hope she'll fine the meaning of life for what is worth because after all it's her Birthday, you know.

Materials: wood, old paper /1921 year/, glass and metal beads, silver hooks


Nov 4, 2010

I used to be a princess



I used to be
a princess

Materials: earrings - wood, decoupage paper, acrylic paint
brooch - clay, acrylic paint, wire, glass beads


Nov 3, 2010

Brooches Collection

Our first Brooches Collection can be described in 3 words -
Office, Destruction, Freedom.
If you want to "run away from all your boredom" and be unique these are your brooches for sure.

Materials: keyboard parts, clay, chains, plates, glass beads



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