Jul 18, 2013

I Believe in Miracles

Well, it's one of those days full of many evenets and, of course, things that need to be done.

There are two major occassions today.

First we have a friend's birthday. She is important to us as she has always supported our studio and represents a brillinat example of good mother, wife, and friend.
Happy birthday, dear Tsukie! May you have loads of  miracles and many stunning adventures!

The second one is the 176th anniversary of the birthday of the Apostle of Freedom Vasil Levski - a Bulgarian revolutionary and nationa hero. Hope there will be more true and faithful people like him, we really need such kind of spirit and example. You can find more info for Vasil Levski here.

And now back to work. We have one spicy earrings design on the menu today.The kind that remind you of sunny beaches and wild party nights.

Here it is Light Green Neon and Red Silicone Rubber earring design. You can find more details and photos of the earring in our Etsy shop.

Well, that's all from today!

Keep calm and party on!

Jul 17, 2013

Pink ceramic abstract summer necklace

Hey there! 

It's hot summer Wednesday here!
So let's freshen up with a brand new necklace design in pink. It was just listed in our Etsy shop.

The necklacere presents a contribution to our latest ceramic design line. The abstract part is handcrafted out of red clay and hand painted with pink acrylic paint. The green silicone rubber chain ends up with small purple chain that can help you to easily regulate the length of the necklace.

Don't forget to be awesome and enjoy this hot Wednesday with some cold drinks!


Jul 16, 2013

Blue Funky Rubber Earrings Design

Why, hello there!

The new designs creation process is going on full stream. It seems July will be very, very fruitful for us.
As you know we love experimenting with new and extraordinary materials. That's actually what keeps us curious and inventive.

That is the case with the new funky earrings design.
They are made of blue rubber and enriched with red detail and red metal chain. The pair is made with silver hooks.

Funky earring are available on our Etsy shop where you can aslo see more photos.

It's all about the bass!

Jul 15, 2013

Fresh Bracelet Design

Happy Monday, everybody!

Let's start the week with a fresh bracelet design that will easily fit in any summer style.
After the successful launching our Shapes and Colors Bracelet design line here is a new design we have. The bracelet is wooden and hand painted in light electric green, pink and light blue and is available on our Etsy shop.

Don't forget to check out our Facebook page where you can find some stunning treasury lists that we have featured in this weekend.

Jul 11, 2013

New Designs

Hello guys!

We spent a great week in the countryside. It was a really magical and refreshing time. All green, all natural, all full of love. We know you will understand and forgive us for not posting in the last week.

We haven't forgotten our promise to show you our latest jewelry designs.
We will start with some summer necklaces in green neon with silicone chain and light blue with red metal chain. The abstract parts are ceramic, painted with acrylic paint.

Both designs are availabe in our Etsy shop.

Jul 2, 2013

July Etsy Shop Updates

Hello guys!

How has July been for you?

Our plans for meeting the sunrise by the sea on the first morning of July did not quite work as we had hoped. Struggling now to remember if there was any sunlight at all day. Furious and envious as we are we hope many people managed to have a taste of magic and charged for months to come.
Oh, we know the feeling, alright, our hearts are with you.

Back to reality and updating our Etsy shop.

So, you can check out Etsy Shop and stay tuned for the new designs. Hope they will be ready next week.


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