Jul 16, 2013

Blue Funky Rubber Earrings Design

Why, hello there!

The new designs creation process is going on full stream. It seems July will be very, very fruitful for us.
As you know we love experimenting with new and extraordinary materials. That's actually what keeps us curious and inventive.

That is the case with the new funky earrings design.
They are made of blue rubber and enriched with red detail and red metal chain. The pair is made with silver hooks.

Funky earring are available on our Etsy shop where you can aslo see more photos.

It's all about the bass!


Lanas Art Studio lanasart said...

Wow! I love the bright neon colors and fun in your jewelry's design!

2justByou said...

These are really fun earrings with funky design. Love it!

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Thank you, guys!!!

Eva Kuklica said...

Ha! this is real cute! And funny. And original!! -Eva, your new follower tru Etsy Bloggers and Readers team :) Roarrr!! www.feelingwildtoday.blogspot.co.uk


Thank you, Eva! You have great jewelry designs! We really love them!

funkyboxstudio said...

They're really cute! Bright, fun and happy colors! Needless to say, i love their name. :D

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