Apr 3, 2016

Five Good Reasons Why to Use Tote Bags

Lately we have finished two of our favorite tote bags designs - one with geisha head and the other one dedicated to the heart shapes.
Here we give you five good reasons why to use tote bags:

1. Good for the environment - having a tote bag more or less will help you using less plastic bags in your daily life

2. Durable - tote bags, no matter what  size or style, can be re-used again and again 

3. Variations - actually tote bags are quite practical - you can use them as shopping bags, gym bags, work bags, beach bags,  picnic bags, school or uni bags, knitting bags, laptop bags, 

4. Reusable - tote bags are very durable and long lasting, if taken care of they will last you for years and years

5. Save money - by using a fabric bag you will avoid having to buy plastic bags both in shops and supermarkets and what is more having your customized fabric bag with you, you will not have to pay for another bag every time you go shopping

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