Sep 10, 2015

September Weekend Ideas

An upcoming bash weekend in Plovdiv - the European capital of culture 2019!

 Here there are some inspiring events that you do not have to miss if Plovdiv is your destination.
 The program is full of cool parties, tons of exhibitions, art and cultural related events. 
Just Plovdiv turns out to be a vibrating melting pot as it has always been and we really like it! 

Sep 2, 2015

Summer Vibes

Summer moved on.
We celebrate this September with tons of inspiration, music and sun light.
Back in the game at Etsy with our latest treasury list dedicated to the 80's and 90's fashion obsession.

Retro nostalgia is all around and here is what we grabbed out of the moments full with summer vibes and collected in these polaroid pictures. 


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