May 31, 2011

Caffeine Necklace // C8H10N4O2

What inspires us is exactly what we get! No need to hide coffee is in our veins. Enjoy your daily cup of coffee with this Caffeine Necklace on.


May 30, 2011

Decorative Wooden Shelf and Frame

A balcony, shiny veranda or any small corner that needs refashioning would be an appropriate spot to accommodate this wooden shelf. Hand restored and finished with ivory acrylic paint featuring soft lacquer layer on top. The finished glass and custom picture would make the shelf a perfect frame if that would be the intended use. Refresh your summer home decoration with an intriguing combination of old and modern.

Styling & Photos: CRAFTWOMEN

May 29, 2011

The World In Your Eyes

Flaming days. Blue invasion.Crispy words.
Finally lost in tranquility.
Let me take you on a trip.



May 26, 2011

Strings and even more

This necklace is a part of the newest collection we have just finished. You can see the whole brand new collection tonight at VLKV club, here in Sofia. 

May 25, 2011

May 17, 2011

Shukar Boutique Garage Sale

Бъдете готови за утрешната Гаражно-паркова разпродажба - Шукар бутик на Лилиите в Борисова градина. Повече за събитието може да намерите тук или на станицата на Гаражни разпродажби тук.

Be ready for the Garage Sale tomorrow, 18.05. in Borissova garden, Sofia. More info for the event here.

May 13, 2011

Cultural Events in Sofia May 2011

Happily the cultural program in Sofia this month is quite rich. Apart from the 36 hours fest for theater and cinema that takes place in National Academy of Theater and Cinema from 14.05.2011 to 15.06.2011 with absolutely stunning program, the Hungarian week (12.05.2011-17.05.2011) is on the way to make us closer to the Hungarian culture itself.

ВръзкаThe full program of the Hungarian week 2011 in Sofia is available here.

May 10, 2011

European Night of the Museum 2011// Европейска нощ на музеите и галериите

Saturday 14th May Europenean Night of Museum takes place in 3000 museums and 40 country all across the Europe. Bulgaria is one of these countries. In Sofia city and few other towns around the country the museums and art galleries are going to be opened for the wide audience after midnight. Unfortunately no full program available for the event in Sofia.

***What is the program for the European Night of Museum in your city?


May 8, 2011

София хартиен фест 2011// Sofia Paper Fest 2011

One of the latest events in Sofia city is SOFIA PAPER ART FEST 2011. The fest is organized by Amateras Foundation and takes place in Sofia from 03.05.2011 to30.06.2011.

The program of the fest is absolutely remarkable full with various music concerts and workshops. 100 artist from 36 countries participate in the event.

The fest is spread around the city of Sofia in the following galleries:

National Art Gallery//National Gallery of Foreign Art//Sofia City Art Gallery//Ministry of Foreign Affairs//National Museum of National History//Art Alley Gallery//Art Center Altera//
National Academy of Art//Mazda Gallery//Velmar Foundation//Arena di Srdica

Keep an eye here for upcoming events in Sofia.

May 2, 2011

В Самолет Без Билет Vol. 6 - месец Май /// Upcoming arts and crafts event in Sofia

Новата визия на блога В САМОЛЕТ БЕЗ БИЛЕТ може да видите тук.
Очаквайте още информация за поредния шести подред полет и за участниците в него, както на страниците на блога, така и във фейсбук.

* Условията за участие може да прочетете в блога. Изненадата този път е, че шестото издание на събитието има тема и тя е: NIGHT FEVER.

The newest blog vision of Sofia based arts and crafts market V SAMOLET BEZ BILET is here.
Be ready for the sixth event this May. The theme is NIGHT FEVER.
For further information for the venue and the participants in the event keep an eye in the blog event or in Facebook.


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