Feb 26, 2011

Aerial Birds

We welcome the sunny days with the latest Birds earrings design.
The earring are extremely light and flexible giving you the feeling that real birds nesting on the top of you. They are painted with silver acrylic paint and fixed with special glue ensuring waterproofing. The design fascinates with simplicity and aerial freedom.

You can find this pair as well as our latest updates in our Etsy shop.

Materials: wood, glass beads, chains, silver hooks


Feb 24, 2011

В Самолет Без Билет Vol.4

CRAFTWOMEN and ЗАЕК БАЕK Welcome you to the Fourth Edition of "В САМОЛЕТ БЕЗ БИЛЕТ". Last three happenings were a great success, so make sure you don't miss this one!

The Event will take place today (24.02.2011), starting 6 pm at the Hostel Mostel bar.
You can find a detailed list of participants here.

Feb 21, 2011


Mira Damian is one of our favourite designers.
We would like to announce that on
Tuesday, 22 February 2011, there will be 50 % off of the 2010 Collection!
For details check it out
here or just visit Mira Damian's studio.

Feb 20, 2011

Sunday Tribute

This weekend we devoted ourselves to the improvement of our etsy shop and found ourselves truly amazed by some quite impressive blogs we came upon.

Meanwhile we would like to share with you our 2 new earring designs.

The first one is the so called jasper earrings. The stone referred to inner strength and loyalty. It can keep you from getting carried away, or lead astray, and being diverted from your goals.
We combined it with some glass beads and chains.

The second pair is mixture between harmony, protection and love that the nephrite and rock-crystal bring. We strongly believe that all spiritual pursuits can be stimulated and amplified using the stone's energy.

Materials: jasper, glass beads, nephrite, rock-crystal, chains, sliver hooks


Feb 19, 2011

Васил Левски

Днес се навършват 138 години от обесването на безсмъртния Апостол на Свободата - Васил Левски.

Вечна му светла памет!

"И не забравяйте – Времето е в нас и ние сме във времето, то нас обръща и ние него обръщаме."

"Чисто народният човек се бори, докато може…, ако не сполучи…, трябва да умре в народната си работа."

"Ще имаме едно знаме, на което ще пише: „Свята и чиста република“."

Васил Левски

Feb 16, 2011

Queen in Green

This stunning set is a special order.
We are really happy that we succeeded in satisfying even the highest expectations.

Materials: chains, glass beads, Wren farthing coins (1939) .


Feb 14, 2011





a piece of bark, chains, Swiss-made clock mechanism

Feb 13, 2011

The Roads To My Heart

still sleepy i am lost in your words find me in the blue corner in the red car driving to manhattan throw me where the streets are empty to recognize your scent to save the feeling of integrity to destroy the vision of sorrow
i am here waiting to reach the roads to ma' heart


Feb 11, 2011


Shiny spots. Cats. Voices. And it's still winter.
But for sure we still keep a piece of the wet streets and scent of the vernal fresh green fields which exactly inspired us for the design of the first pair. We enriched the rainbow view with azure stone just to intensify the love vibes.

The second pair is a custom order from one wonderful curly girl who only said: bridges, abstract, blue-green and here is the result of combining the ancient road spirit and the new vision of life.

Materials: wood, azure stone, decoupage paper, silver hooks


Feb 7, 2011

In Your Arms

Florance + the Machine was an enormous source of inspiration for the last few days. Here is the result a brooch and a bracelet.

Materials: chains, vintage beads, glass beads


Feb 1, 2011


This is the latest candleholder which is under number 6 in the CRAFTWOMEN Candleholder Collection.
Only 20 pieces available.



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