Apr 28, 2017

Have a Green and Fresh Weekend!

Weekend is just one step away and here are some ideas how you can be active and at the same time to participate in useful activities in your free time. Plus we share with you two of our favourite trees full with blossoms.

  • Refresh your balcony with flowers, herbs and even trees and turn it into modern city oasis
  • Apart from taking spring sunbaths on the rooftop why not to use it for building rooftop garden
  • Initiate making garden in front of the building where you live - you can always ask for advice your neighbours or just start making the garden together

Cherry blossom tree close to our studio
  • Participate in spring festivals organised close to your place. For example from today 28th April till 30th April just few kilometers away from Sofia in Elin Pelin takes place agricultural festival for free exchange of seeds and young trees. The main idea is to bring with you some vegetable seeds from your garden or your grandmother's garden and exchange them with the other participants. During the festival you have the opportunity to participate in agricultural workshops, lectures for herbs, concerts, movie projections and lots more.

Lilac tree ..on the way to the countryside..
  • What about your favourite blossoming tree? Tell us what are the Spring festivals this year near your place? Do you have plans to participate in them? 
Have a green and fresh weekend!

Apr 22, 2017

Earth Day 22nd April 2017 Call to Action Ideas for Improving the Environment

Today, 22nd April is the Earth Day and this year the Earth Day Campaign is going to focus on "climate literacy to empower global citizens with knowledge to inspire action for environmental protection".

Here is our list with ideas how everybody consciously could improve the environment:

1. Reduce using plastic bags or at least use recyclable ones
2. Use products packed in recycled flacons, boxes, packages - nowadays there are tones of companies that offer such kind of products out there in the market
3. Plant trees, flowers, bushes - it can be fun project for both kids, parents and grown-ups plus the end result out of this activity is more than beautiful
4. Recycle the waste (plastic bottles, used batteries, old clothes, cardboard and paper) - build a habit for your household or office to send the waste at the appropriate collectible places
5. Reuse when possible plastic bags and bottles - instead of buying again and again plastic bags when shopping you could always have with you one or two; the same goes for the plastic bottles after usage you can fill the with water, fruit juice or another favourite drink. 
6. Share with your friends, colleges your knowledge and experience that improved your common environment
7. Learn more about the effects of the global waste problem by the Documentary Trashed.

If you are Sofia based Participate in the Recycling Campaign today or just read about 5 Reasons Why to Use Tote Bags.

Plus do not forget: "If you think waste is someone else's problem, think again."

Thank you for reading! Feel free to comment and share with us what are your ways for recycling or reducing the waste.

Apr 15, 2017

April Weekend Easter Things-to-Do-and-Experience

Hello all! How is going? Here the holiday vibe is all around. Meanwhile we found for you few fresh must-visit-links what brings full and unique experience no matter if you go for them online or offline. Just keep reading..

Everybody likes pizza, right?! :) Watch the documentary about the true story and creation of THE PIZZA BIKE.If you are based in Bath, UK or just tripping around you have the chance to visit the smallest pizzeria in the world. And don't forget Life is a pizza!

From the smallest pizzeria in the world based in Bath back to Bulgaria latest hot news out here the first issue of SVEMA - independent Bulgarian magazine for art and culture is out from March 2017.

A brand new festival White Rabbit is just about to take place on 22nd April right in the center of Sofia and starts from 2 pm until 10 pm. During the day program different media meet at the scene of the event -  music, fashion design, contemporary visual art. After 10 pm the night program continues at Tell Me Bar where the Berlin based disco DJ Hara Katsiki will bash this Saturday night with classy dance selection.

H&M Conscious Exclusive 2017 is out there and apart from buying new clothes for the new season we want to remind you to be conscious and active and to bring Your old clothes on to the closest H&M store right next to you. #RecycleforFullCycle

Plus spring is the time when you can refresh and add some art into your home or office and here we found for you 5 ways to update thrift store art. Have fun and be creative!

Hope you enjoy our selection of April links. 
Happy Spring Holidays to all!

Apr 10, 2017

Recycle Time Again -This April Recycle campaign in Sofia, Veliko Turnovo, Kyustendil, Blagoevgrad, Stara Zagora and Burgas

Traditionally for fifth consecutive year this April starts the recycle campaign organized by Foundation Credo Bonum and Publishing company SmartBooks.
On 22nd April between 10 am and 1 pm  at the Monument of the Soviet Army starts the campaign itself along with kids' workshops and travelling exhibition.
Apart from Sofia the campaign takes place also in the following Bulgarian cities: 
  • 13th May - Veliko Turnovo
  • 20th May - Kyustendil
  • 21th May – Blagoevgrad 
  • 27th May – Stara Zagora 
  • 28th May – Burgas
Again as the previous years the condition to participate and to receive free book is to bring a kilo of plastic waste at the meeting point of the campaign.

This year the new titles what you can get if you participate in the recycling campaign is the Bulgarian edition of "Doctor Dolittle" by Hugh Lofting and "The White Fang" by Jack London.

Let's be initiative and conscious about our sustainable environment and climate and start making positive changes towards it because even the small steps makes the difference.

Learn more how you can recycle clothes and what you can receive in return.


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