Apr 28, 2017

Have a Green and Fresh Weekend!

Weekend is just one step away and here are some ideas how you can be active and at the same time to participate in useful activities in your free time. Plus we share with you two of our favourite trees full with blossoms.

  • Refresh your balcony with flowers, herbs and even trees and turn it into modern city oasis
  • Apart from taking spring sunbaths on the rooftop why not to use it for building rooftop garden
  • Initiate making garden in front of the building where you live - you can always ask for advice your neighbours or just start making the garden together

Cherry blossom tree close to our studio
  • Participate in spring festivals organised close to your place. For example from today 28th April till 30th April just few kilometers away from Sofia in Elin Pelin takes place agricultural festival for free exchange of seeds and young trees. The main idea is to bring with you some vegetable seeds from your garden or your grandmother's garden and exchange them with the other participants. During the festival you have the opportunity to participate in agricultural workshops, lectures for herbs, concerts, movie projections and lots more.

Lilac tree ..on the way to the countryside..
  • What about your favourite blossoming tree? Tell us what are the Spring festivals this year near your place? Do you have plans to participate in them? 
Have a green and fresh weekend!

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