Apr 15, 2017

April Weekend Easter Things-to-Do-and-Experience

Hello all! How is going? Here the holiday vibe is all around. Meanwhile we found for you few fresh must-visit-links what brings full and unique experience no matter if you go for them online or offline. Just keep reading..

Everybody likes pizza, right?! :) Watch the documentary about the true story and creation of THE PIZZA BIKE.If you are based in Bath, UK or just tripping around you have the chance to visit the smallest pizzeria in the world. And don't forget Life is a pizza!

From the smallest pizzeria in the world based in Bath back to Bulgaria latest hot news out here the first issue of SVEMA - independent Bulgarian magazine for art and culture is out from March 2017.

A brand new festival White Rabbit is just about to take place on 22nd April right in the center of Sofia and starts from 2 pm until 10 pm. During the day program different media meet at the scene of the event -  music, fashion design, contemporary visual art. After 10 pm the night program continues at Tell Me Bar where the Berlin based disco DJ Hara Katsiki will bash this Saturday night with classy dance selection.

H&M Conscious Exclusive 2017 is out there and apart from buying new clothes for the new season we want to remind you to be conscious and active and to bring Your old clothes on to the closest H&M store right next to you. #RecycleforFullCycle

Plus spring is the time when you can refresh and add some art into your home or office and here we found for you 5 ways to update thrift store art. Have fun and be creative!

Hope you enjoy our selection of April links. 
Happy Spring Holidays to all!

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