Aug 20, 2010

Let's Play Domino - game 2

Golden domino earrings design is the addition to Domino Collection this time with golden sparkling charm.
Let's play once again!
Are you ready?


Aug 19, 2010

Fairy Tales of Yesterday

Here is a fresh earring design brought to your attention by CRAFTWOMEN.
Pure elegance and at the same time easy attitude to make these fit any style.
Dual-tone glass beads, silver and fan-shaped end detail to form the overall view.
All credit to dreamland books for the inspiration.


Aug 17, 2010

Tea for Two

Pair of blue earrings inspired by the smell of summertime fruit tea and the stunning view of Vitosha mountain.

Materials: silver, metal, semi precious stone


Aug 14, 2010

Let's play domino!

Вдъхновени от любимата ни игра, споделяме два чифта домино обици от общо десет.
Очаквайте останалите попълнения в следващите постове.

Please enjoy two outstanding pairs of earrings inspired by a well known old-days-favourite game.
Latest domino earring additions will be coming up soon.


Aug 13, 2010

Green Window

Днес се появиха в зелено.
Материали: дърво, аметист, сребро

It's green, vivid and emotional.
Materials: wood, amethyst, silver


Aug 12, 2010

And now something completely different...

Новите попълнения към летния саундтрак 2010.
The latest tracks for the summer soundtrack 2010.


Aug 10, 2010

Garage Sale 2_11.08.2010

Поради дъжда на 04.08.2010 не се състоя гаражната разпродажба, но за всеобща радост утре ще е Шукар бутик No 2. Запасяваме се със слънце и усмивки и Ви чакаме при езерото с лилиите от 19:00 до 21:00.

On 04.08.2010 it was delayed because of the rain but here it comes once again - Garage Sale 2.
Tomorrow we will be there from 7 pm to 9 pm in Borisova garden on the Lilies lake.
See you there!

Aug 8, 2010

Waves of Blue

Представяме "Waves of Blue" - два чифта сини обици.
Материали : дърво, сребро, декупажна хартия, стъклени мъниста

It's time to present our blue earrings "Waves of Blue".
Materials: wood, silver, decoupage paper, glass beads


Aug 5, 2010

Lights on the Faces

Представяме ви най-новото от колекцията ни за декорация.
Украсете дома си със светлини от лица.

Collection: Lights on the Faces - Limited edition - 20 pieces


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