Jan 21, 2014

The Neon planet

Hello there!

Sorry for not posting for so long but it was for a good reason after all. We got involved in a bursting project with a young and enthusiastic Bulgarian crew. 
As it turned out the mist in Sofia lifted away and we all escaped to the Neon planet!

Hope you will like the results of this collaboration with Zlatena Anetalz. And by the way "Happy B-day Zlatena! Ho-ho-ho, you colourful girl you!"
Here is a reference to the names and links to the other guys who took part in this challenge and of course the photos!

Click here to see the full photo session.


L-A said...

Wow very unusual jewellery! Liking the photos too.

2justByou said...

That necklace is pretty cool! Fun design and fun colors.


Thank you!

Bruno and Betty said...

Wowza!! Amazing jewerly and I esspecially love the use of bright colors. Major kudos to you.



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