Aug 5, 2013

Hipster necklace design

Happy Monday!
How is your summer? 
Here in Sofia it is so quiet and empty. Everybody is either by the seaside or somewere in the mountains enjoying their vacation. 
It's the perferct time for young drivers to practice their skills as the traffic is almost dead. 
Oh, and it's hot.
The green of the forest and the blue of the sea are out of reach here. The city heat combined with this horrible standstill is wicked and evil. It is the state of affairs that could turn any nice movement into a morbidly depressing suicidal blood bath in the blink of an eye. 
We tried to seek salvation looking through the weekly programme of events. Impressive - there will be a film fest in Maimunarnika in Borisova garden every Monday starting 9 pm. So, if you're up for a cold beer with any friend of yours that might be stupid and unfortunate enough to still be around, and if a good movie is your kind of thing, now is the time to join the event that starts today. Programme offers Soul Kitchen by Fatih Akin. What a great movie that is! Craftwomen recommed it strongly.

For all of you wretched souls who are still in the grasp of the city, still working or just being miserable in any other way, we have prepared a new necklace design. Here is our Light Green Neon Hipster necklace made of laser cut plexiglass, enriched with violet and blue metal chains. The design is availabe in our Etsy shop and it's one of a kind, so you will be unique. Good luck with finding somebody to show off to. Necklace is still a better solution than drugs, save a bullet or a noose. Meh, we all know that a new jewel goes well with a glass of gin tonic to make you feel supersonic.
Now be cool! This is not a call to form a new sect. It’s just a call for solidarity between people not privileged to have the opportunity go to the SEAAAAAA!
Peace be with y’all J

Aug 3, 2013

Le bel été

Hey there!

While searching for some inspiring music to start the day with we recalled an absolutely brilliant video of Vanessa Bruno's collection Spring 2010. It's one of those videos that will undoubtedly do the trick if you would need a boost to lift your spirits. Go fly.

That's our inspiration of the day. What's yours?

Here is also a link to the track of Gonzales - Overnight for all piano lovers.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Aug 2, 2013

Hello August!

Hello guys!

July was full of funny events, hot summer parties and many sales. With August on the way we wish we would have an even more successful month and grasp the chance to enjoy the abondoned beaches nestled in the cool forest hands, while at the same time continue working on new design ideas.

Mood has been all nature-oriented of late. We found this adorable Board in Pinterest by Kethura Young that impressed us and easily took us off in a Dreamland. Worth checking!

That explained, we are ready to share with you 2 of our July treasury lists dedicated to the pure vibes of nature and the desire to travel.


Let's all of us have a great August!


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