Jun 28, 2014

Design Bazaar in Plovdiv 29 June 2014, One Design Week

Just one day away from the Design bazaar part of International festival for design and visaul culture One Design Week. This is our second year as a participant in the Design bazaar. You can find out our newest stuff from this Sunday, 29 June 2014, in Plovdiv. A sneak peek before tomorrow find out here

Jun 23, 2014

Jahmmi Youth - Vikai

Hi there!

You see, we started the whole Craftwomen thing because we needed a way to express, promote and develop our art. So our thing is our thing and we strive for perfection in what we do. Profiled as we are, we are not strangers to other forms of art. Because in the end it is all a part of a Masterplan.

This post is a shout out to all successful art-meets-art bombs. 

Are you familiar with  Jahmmi Youth? If not, shame on you! Luckily there is a remedy for that. Go play Jahmmi Youth and his new track Vikai (Shout). It is the first Bulgarian track of Jahmmi Youth and Craftwomen are really proud to be featured in the video with some of our neon jewellry designs.

We do not always get represented in music videos but when we do, we do it in style. Big up!

Enjoy the video and spread the LOVE!

Find more info for Jahmmi Youth here.


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