Jun 28, 2013

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, guys!

А month intense with events, personalities and ideas is alsmost gone.
We had a week of cold and rain but summer is about to kick in real big time. The enormous furry ball of a cat at home doesn't like this.
Summer is lazy and smells like gin. We unlike summer are dilligent and hard-working and dedicated to a cause. 

July Morning next week? You up for it?

Gin + July Morning is a combo solid enough to result in a wave of intoxi... aahhhh... inspiration.
You behave now and we promise to reward you with some new designs. Our grain of salt :)

Off to weekend celebrations now!

Jun 25, 2013

Etsy Craft Party Photos

Hello guys!

We are back with the aftermath from the Etsy Craft Party.
It was a great day! We had fresh local artists, exchanged new ideas, and enjoyed some well-earned cool drinks in the garden of Art Hostel Sofia.
Many kids attended the event with their parents and contributed to a friendly and easy-going atmosphere. The handmade crowns and moustaches were good enough to bring smiles on people's faces.

All the participants and guests seemed satisfied. That will be a firm base for future events.
Well in, ladies and gentlemen! Thank you all!

To see photos of the event, click here.

Jun 22, 2013

Sofia Design Week // Design Bazaar

Hello everybody!

It's obviously the month of bazaars. After the Etsy Craft Party that was held on June 20th in the green garden of Art Hostel Sofia the next event that we will join is the Design Bazaar which is a part of Sofia Design Week's programme.
This year there will be many interesting workshops for kids, many open-air parties and well curated exhibitions.

If you are in Sofia this weekend consider visiting the Design Bazaar on Sunday where local designers will show their works.
CRAFTWOMEN Studio will be there too with our latest jewelry designs!

Design Bazaar 
June 23, 2013, Sofia
12 pm to 21 pm 
Natioanl Academy of Arts Garden

Jun 20, 2013

Craft for Community - DIY Projects

Hey, hey it's Thursday and the time has come! That thrill!

You all are welcome to join the local craft community at Art Hostel Sofia, 5 pm to 10 pm.

Don't forget the READ MY BOOK initiative. Cultural exchange for the win, so bring over books and magazines and share for a better world.
We have included DIY PROJECTS with original Etsy materials in the programme. It's a chance to create your own heart brooch and get a colorful crown for yourself or for somebody you care about.

The homemade truffles are ready...but some things are best kept secret!
You are up for some little surprises too!

See you there!

Jun 19, 2013

Craft Party Bazaar Participants - Part III

Dear Readers!

We have only one day left to arrange the final details around the Craft Party tomorrow. To be honest, the morning to-do list was full of urgent issues. We are almost halfway through, so it's time for a little break. Talking about a break, here is our proposal for Song Of The Day. Actually it's Song Of Yesterday but it has occupied the top spot for the very first time we heard it on BBC Radio 6. Hope you will like it.
Here it is Poliça & Justin vernon - Tiff.
Absolute addiction!

As promised we have 3 more participants waiting to be presented.
Let's start!

Nа Tavana

Na Tavana is a local craft atelier with different handmade accessories and lovely home decor decisions.
If you are wondering what else to add to your home decore, how to enrich your party decor or just trying to figure out a custom gift for a special person you are in the right place.

Bags, handmade cards, fashion accessories, little cute handcrafted items that can make your day - all these can be found in Na tavana atelier. The atelier is always open for custom orders. You know, this is the sweetest part of being a craft artists and in the same time very challanging, but there is nothing more inspiring than crafting for people you care about.

You can find more info and more items of Na tavana on Facebook and follow the latest updated at blogger.

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror fascinates with unique jewelry designs, even though this is not the only thing that the lady from Mirror Mirror is into. A great variety of lamp and boxes decorations and many textile items. All colorful and all with its own individuality.

You will be able to see the latest jewelry accessories and designs of Mirror Mirror at the upcoming event.
So if you want to be outstanding this summer and to wear fresh jewelry accessories you really wouldn't want to skip Mirror Mirror's stuff.

You also can find the full variety of Mirror Mirror's items at Facebook.


Well, we will join the party as well.
We do not consider it necessary to present ourselves as we are aware that you have been onboard for quite a while now.
You are welcome to join the party tomorrow afternoon and just go with the flow.

Jun 18, 2013

Craft Party Bazaar Participants - Part II

Hello everyone!

Before moving on with the presentation of the second part of the hot shots that will take part in the Craft Party Bazaar we wanted to share with you a lovely song that we found deep in the archives of our blog. It was the summer of 2010! Yeah, years are flying, would you believe, but some songs stay cool forever.
So enjoy Karen Ann: Lay your Head Down while reading the rest of this post.

And now on the summer trends that the local artists will be showing this Thursday.


Flyin'Panda is a relatively new label that appeared on the Bulgarian local craft market. It features a balanced  combination of high quality materials, perfect sewing skills and super cool designs.

Design by Mario Ivanov

The bags are made of calico fabric, 100 % cotton,  double stictching to ensure durability and long life. The new designs have a nice inside pocket.

You can find more bags' designs at their Facebook page and follow the latest updates.

Natural Soaps Freen

The phylosophy of Freen is simple: 100 % natural products, biodiversity preservation, biocertificated ingredients, no tests on animals, biodegradable eco-friendly materials. Or in other words natural high quality handmade soaps.

Don't miss the chance to meet these great artists on the Craft Party Bazaar where they will also organize a  workshop. Their workshop will be open for everyone willing to join in and making their own custom bar of soap.

You can find the full collection of soaps in their shop in Sofia, 7 Prespa Str. or visit their website and Facebook fan page.


When you see the ceramic works of Raklata you cannot remain indifferent.
A great variety of shapes, colors and unconvential ideas will immediately enchant your mind and trap in a world you will be reluctant to leave.

Raklata will participate in the upcoming bazaar with suitcase full of new cups designs. Make sure you come early enough so that you will be able to see these masterpieces before they have found their new owners.

You can find more ceramic designs at Raklata's Facebook page, follow her blog for the latest news and check out her website and Etsy shop.

That's all for today, guys. 
Tomorrow we will show you the last three artists that will join the local party, so don't go anywhere...

Jun 17, 2013

Craft Party Bazaar Participants - Part I

Hello and Happy sunny Monday everyone!

It's time to start presenting you the artists that will take part in the CRAFT PARTY BAZAAR this Thursday, June 20th.
The first three are: Paladim Handmade, MIHHA and Yo Yo Fabric.

Paladim Handmade is part of the Etsy family, having a great Etsy shop with different items for your home and office interior. Main material is wood that lives its life on clocks, lamps and little home decorations.

There are also very cute "green thinking" designs that can perfectly fit any interior.
One of our favourites is this recyled light bulb vase on a wooden stand that fascinates with simplicity and charm.

You can find more designs of Paladim at his Etsy shop and following the latest updates on his Facebook page.


We found MIHHA at Etsy while we were searching for Bulgarian artists to participate in the Craft Party Bazaar and we immediately entered in a magical world full of beautiful items.

You can find at MIHHA's shop jewelry designs, scarves, bags and different fashion related accessories made with special care and attention to details.
A real handmade treasury!             

You can find more MIHHA designs at her Etsy shop and follow the latest news on her Facebook page.

Yo Yo Fabric

A colorful and fairy world full of little surprises - that's how we can describe the great designs of Yo Yo Fabric. Once you see them you will want to have all of them and share the love with your friends.

A big variety of textile products with eco paints, one-of-a-kind toys for kids and many accessories for decoration. 

You can find more designs of Yo Yo Fabric's at their Facebook page and follow the latest updates there.

Hope you like these three Bulgarian artists that will join our local Etsy Party. For more photos you can check out their galleries.
Stay tuned, because tomorrow we will continue with the rest of the artists that you will be able to see in the garden of Art Hostel Sofia.

Have fun!

Jun 16, 2013

Etsy Craft Supplies Box

Hi, guys!
Enjoying your weekend, are you?

Well, we still haven't shown you the Etsy Craft Supplies Box. Here's a glimpse of the treasures we found inside:

Lots of magic items and creative ideas for DIY projects.

Hope the people to join the Etsy Craft Party will enjoy working with these high quality products and craftsmanship will be taken to a higher level.
Don't be all jealous now! It's Craft for Community, remember?

Jun 13, 2013

Keep Calm and Be Patient

Hey, hey how are you guys!
Hope everything is well with all of you!

We are eager to start with today's news. 

The morning started with a phone call informing us that there's a delivery guy in front of our door with package from USA. Wow, we flew down the stairs - 100 % convinced that it was the DIY projects craft supplies from Etsy for the Craft Party. And we were right but instead of receiving a box of supplies we were instructed to go to the Customs Office and were awarded a bunch of papers. Yes, sometimes you have to keep calm and be patient and we know that the patience could be key. So, tomorrow we will go to them Customs Office to complete the quest. You should expect the results revealed some time tomorrow afternoon. 

The other important news from today is that the Etsy Craft Party poster and flyer designs are ready.
Soon you will find our flyers around popular spots in Sofia.

Now, here it is. Have a look and share your thoughts with us.


Jun 12, 2013

Summer Silicone Rubber Earrings Design

It's Wednesday today and we are in a mad process of preparation for the upcoming event on June 20th. Posters, flyers, workshops, decorations and many other issues are waiting to be resolved. We are buzzing with anticipation and want to make sure that all the efforts invested will result in a memorable and great experience for all.

In the meantime we have new jewelry designs on the way and they do not want to be second to none. Care for some gin and tonic on the beach? Here's a way to intensify that summer flavour and empower that outfit of yours. Our colour selection - violet, gold, pink and orange.

Jun 11, 2013

Let's Craft Together!

Hello everybody!

What a summer storm we have here. A perfect time for crafting and sharing the latest news around our studio with you!

Let's start with the announcement of the lucky Winner in our first GIVEAWAY.
Congratulation to Melissa S. who won the colorful silicone rubbers earrings. Hope she will like them!

For about 2 week we have been working on the organization of  Esty Craft Party - Craft for Community that will be held in Sofia on June 20.

Art Hostel Sofia will be our host and the party will be held in their beautiful garden where local artists will participate in the Craft Party Bazaar. The program of the event will be very colorful - new local and Esty crafters, different workshops, music, fresh drinks, exchange of books and magazines and free promtion the local artists' business.

You can check out the full program here and join the party!

In the next couple of days we will announce the list of participants and their items here in our blog.

Jun 7, 2013

ART FESTIVAL in PLOVDIV 7/8/9 June 2013

Happy Friday, everyone!

Hope you had a great week full of joy and good friends around you.
We wish to announce that this weekend we will attend the Art Festival "Otets Paisiy Street" that is organized for a 4th consecutive year in Plovdiv.

The main accents of event will be - movies, exhibitions, concerts, performances and art installations.

We will join the event MON BIJOU on Saturday and Sunday. It starts 11 am, in the area of Stanislav Dospevski Str. and Djumaya Square in Plovdiv, and we will present our latest jewelry designs. 

Hope to see you there! We love the prospect of having a chat with people willing to share our cup of tea.

Peace to you all!

Jun 6, 2013

Summer Trends

The end of week is approaching but it doesn't mean that we will stop working.
We all know that when you love doing something it's actually not a working but rather a way of living.

The latest news from our studio is that we are going to join a very nice bazaar out of Sofia this weekend. It's chance to meet with some of our fans, friends and of course a chance to show our latest jewelry designs.
But be patient we will give you more details for the event tomorrow.

And now you can see one of your new earrings designs that be part to your summer outfit.
Colours are source of energy and they can charge us with good feelings. That is one good reason why we won't stop experimenting with colours as they prove to be a major inspiration lately.

Here are two up-to-date summer jewelry designs made of silicone rubber and colourful chains. Both made with silver hooks.

Jun 5, 2013

500 Likes Giveaway

Щастливи сме да обявим първият си Giveaway, по случай 500 харесвания на нашата фейсбук страница.

Един от Вас ще спечели тези цветни летни обици.

Този чифт е част от нашата колекция Shapes and Colors.
Дизайнът на обиците е от силиконова гума и със сребърни куки.

Правилата за участие са лесни:
Харесайте нашата фейсбук страница (ако все още не сте го направили) и оставете коментар под тази статия. Уверете се, че сте направили тези 2 стъпки, като кликнете на генератора най-долу, който ще входира автоматично Вашето участие.

Giveaway-a стартира днес 5 юни,  и ще приключи на 11 юни .

Успех на всички!


Here we go!
We are happy to announce our first Giveaway on the occasion of the 500 likes we have on our Facebook Fan Page.

The lucky one will win this colorful summer earrings.
This pair is a part of our Shapes and Colors Collection.
This earrings are made of silicone rubbers and silver hooks.

* The rules are very simple:
Like our Facebook page ( if you haven't already) and leave a comment on this post.

The Giveaway is worldwide. It starts today, June 5th and will end on June 11th.

Good luck, everyone!

Jun 4, 2013

Sweet 500

Wow! Woke up with no sun in the eye this morning but the day became brighter with some great news from our Facebook Fan page
We hit the magical 500 likes! It's hard to express our gratitude to everyone who supported us!
That is why we have decided to announce our first GIVEAWAY tomorrow, June 5th.
So, stay tuned to find out what we have in mind! 

As promised yesterday, here are two more jewerly designs in spectacular neon.
We assume neon will be a hit this summer again.
Word. Check out our Big Neon Summer Earrings and Neon Summer Shape Necklace.


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