Jan 29, 2014

Cheer up

Hi there!

As always we are focused on trying to create beautiful items for people to use as weapons fighting against winter boredom.
So, if you are feeling sleepy and under the weather - our Etsy shop is the place to resort to.

There you may find the new wooden bracelets, as promised. At least, a brief moment of excitement and pleasure is what we offer.

Now cheer up, ladies and gentlemen!

Jan 27, 2014

Brocade Bracelet Design

Dear followers!

We are currently applying the magical final touch needed to complete a new bracelet set design. Our craft factory will make a fresh release by the end of this week. 

Now we are eager to reveal our Purple and Red Wooden Brocade Bracelet
Wood is clear-shaped enriched with purple brocade. Just what one would need to break the colourless silence of snow. Dare!

More details and photos at our etsy shop!

Jan 21, 2014

The Neon planet

Hello there!

Sorry for not posting for so long but it was for a good reason after all. We got involved in a bursting project with a young and enthusiastic Bulgarian crew. 
As it turned out the mist in Sofia lifted away and we all escaped to the Neon planet!

Hope you will like the results of this collaboration with Zlatena Anetalz. And by the way "Happy B-day Zlatena! Ho-ho-ho, you colourful girl you!"
Here is a reference to the names and links to the other guys who took part in this challenge and of course the photos!

Click here to see the full photo session.

Jan 5, 2014


Hey there! 
How is the new year coming along? 
What have you put on your wishlist for 2014?

We are absolutely ready to start working on some new designs and projects. They are beyond the half baked stage now, and we intend to kick off as soon as possible. Make no mistake - development is one of te top priorities on our own 2014 to-do list.
Winter cold is capable of bringing moods down and we expect great demand of positive energy. We will try to help with what we can do best.

Meanwhile we continue working on some custom orders - some of our favourite jobs! Use the new year to set up new means of expression. We are willing to help you with that. So, shoot, and maybe together, we'll be able to translate the buzz in your head to something easier to understand.

Here are some photos of a custom order we have had recently.

Stay tuned for new surprises we have prepared you for this year!


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