Mar 15, 2011

Domino Earring

We have just added domino earring to one of our latest collections "Just One Earring"

Materials: domino block, glass beads, metal chain, silver hook


Mar 13, 2011

Lion & Giraffe Earring Designs

CRAFTWOMEN present to your attention 2 extremely stylish black&white earring designs.
Both pairs are wooden, enriched with black glass beads and with silver hooks.

For more photos and details visit our Etsy shop.

*Lion symbolizes power and leadership as well as rejuvenation and renewed strength.

*Giraffe is a symbol of intuition - the ability to sense the future, past and present.


Mar 12, 2011

Queen Necklace

Hello everyone!
Fascinated by the sunny Saturday and devoted to the gorgeous royal style we want to share with you our latest necklace design.
We used chains, garnets and shiny glass beads which change colour under different light.

Have a majestic weekend!

* Find more details about the Necklace in our Esty Shop.


Mar 9, 2011

Long Earrings

We would like to share with you these three brand new pairs of earrings. They are a dedication to the upcoming spring.

Here is the place to announce that CRAFTWOMEN is going to make their first GIVE AWAY really soon here, so keep an eye for further information.

To see more pictures of these three pairs visit our online Etsy Shop.


Materials: chains, vintage and glass beads, jade, silver hooks

Mar 8, 2011

100th anniversary of International Women's Day

Happy women's day, girls!

In the occasion of the day, we make a dedication to just a really small part of the women we really admire.

Mar 7, 2011

Just One Earring

CRAFTWOMEN started to work on a new collection called "Just One Earring". These are the first three earrings of the collection. Keep an eye here because soon we will share with you few more items of the same collection.

Materials: metal chains, glass beads, vintage beads, a pearl, metal part



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