Feb 17, 2014

Giardinoblu Exclusive Organic Jewelry

Hi there!

We are eager to share with you one of our favourite artists we found in the ocean of Etsy shops.

Francesca Mancini - an organic designer and jewelry maker. You can find her works under the name Giardinoblu, an independent lab that works with organic and recycling materials. 

Watching her jewelry designs one might end up in some sunny green woods and at the same fall under the spell of Italy. An explosion of urban and countryside emotions you would want to experience every day.

Our favourite collections of Giardinoblu are the Beetle Collection and the Drop Collection.
Striking varaiery of bracelets, brooches, rings and necklaces that fascinate with magic and style.

Should you be willing to dig deeper into Giardinoblu's world, make sure to check out her website where you can find more info and see all the collections or select a fine item if you will.

Feb 12, 2014



We've got some great news on the Neon Planet Project!
It appears it has been featured in one of the most exclusive fashion magazines Institutemag! Have that!

Once again, special thanks to the solid team we worked with:

Photgraphy Zlatena Anetalz Viktoria Tzvetanova
Stylist Anetalz Vintage 2hand Cheap Monday 2013
Model Lorina Kamburova
Makeup Alex Malex Hair&Make-Up
Scenographer Krista Vacheva 
Jewelries  CRAFTWOMEN Studio
Studio PhotoSpot photography

Mad props!



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