Apr 14, 2016

Spring Weekend Home Ideas - Recycling and Reading Campaign in Sofia, Burgas, Veliko Turnovo, Pleven and Kyustendil – Start date: 16th April 2016, Sofia

Great inspiration for both readers and nature lovers to come in five Bulgarian big towns this spring. Only few days away from start of the traditional  "Книги за смет" 2016 campaign. The idea of the event is to encourage people to be more conscious about the environment. 
On 16th April this year in Sofia starts the traditional campaign that supports reading and the responsible selective recycling. Though the traditions in the recycling field started to be settle down only few years ago in the everyday life of the Bulgarians, this is one of the most successful initiative connected to the conscious recycling and at the same time supporting the book lovers. And the results out of the campaign tells a lot – only for the year 2015 during the call were collected 14 tons of plastic and all the participants involved altogether received 11 000 books.

How you can participate this year? 
If you want to join the event is that easy - just collect and bring 1 kilo of plastic waste. Of course you can always bring more recyclable plastic items and support the success of the campaign. 

What you will get?
A free book (the maximum books what you can receive no matter plastic waste you bring is two books)

The whole idea of the campaign is you bring a kilo of plastic and for this kilo you receive a free book. You can pick up a book from the special printed run for the campaign. 

Below is the full list with recyclable items what you can bring to the certain points in the city of Sofia and the towns of Veliko Turnovo, Pleven, Burgas and Kyustendil: 

- plastic bottles for water, fizzy drinks, oil or beer 
- yogurt plastic cups and plastic bottles for milk
- cans and bottles of cosmetics and sanitary products
- plastic cups and pallets
- plastic bags, stretch film packaging film
- plastic toys

The recommendation is all of them to be empty and crushed in order not to take a lot of space.

Needless to say that the book list is more than thrilling. The new titles in Bulgarian language what you can get for free and what are added to the main book list are the following:

- "Max and Moritz" by Wilhelm Busch
- "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett
- "The World of the Worlds" by H. G. Wells

Definitely great weekend project - to clean up your home form the plastic waste and to enjoy reading books during the spring sunny days in a park or in the garden.

Join the campaign of the event here

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