Jun 19, 2013

Craft Party Bazaar Participants - Part III

Dear Readers!

We have only one day left to arrange the final details around the Craft Party tomorrow. To be honest, the morning to-do list was full of urgent issues. We are almost halfway through, so it's time for a little break. Talking about a break, here is our proposal for Song Of The Day. Actually it's Song Of Yesterday but it has occupied the top spot for the very first time we heard it on BBC Radio 6. Hope you will like it.
Here it is Poliça & Justin vernon - Tiff.
Absolute addiction!

As promised we have 3 more participants waiting to be presented.
Let's start!

Nа Tavana

Na Tavana is a local craft atelier with different handmade accessories and lovely home decor decisions.
If you are wondering what else to add to your home decore, how to enrich your party decor or just trying to figure out a custom gift for a special person you are in the right place.

Bags, handmade cards, fashion accessories, little cute handcrafted items that can make your day - all these can be found in Na tavana atelier. The atelier is always open for custom orders. You know, this is the sweetest part of being a craft artists and in the same time very challanging, but there is nothing more inspiring than crafting for people you care about.

You can find more info and more items of Na tavana on Facebook and follow the latest updated at blogger.

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror fascinates with unique jewelry designs, even though this is not the only thing that the lady from Mirror Mirror is into. A great variety of lamp and boxes decorations and many textile items. All colorful and all with its own individuality.

You will be able to see the latest jewelry accessories and designs of Mirror Mirror at the upcoming event.
So if you want to be outstanding this summer and to wear fresh jewelry accessories you really wouldn't want to skip Mirror Mirror's stuff.

You also can find the full variety of Mirror Mirror's items at Facebook.


Well, we will join the party as well.
We do not consider it necessary to present ourselves as we are aware that you have been onboard for quite a while now.
You are welcome to join the party tomorrow afternoon and just go with the flow.

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