Jun 3, 2013

Funky Fresh Updates

This weekend we made sure to have a good time playing and indulging in a lot of ice-cream and balloons in celebration of the International Children's Day. We took our time with the multiple outdoor workshops organized by young and creative people.  
Enjoying the usual holiday buzz we kept running into countless numbers of superheroes flying, fighting and giggling all around the National Theatre park. 
The city accommodated many other events that day. It would be great if the 1st of June could fall on Saturday every year. 

We should not forget Sunday, June 2, when we honour one of the most beloved revolutionaries and heroes in Bulgarian history, the poet Hristo Botev - who fell on that day.

You see, so many holidays again BUT we managed do some work and started editing some of the photos we've taken in the past. We decided to take a couple of shots of some of the old and new designs we have.
We hope you will like the results. 
Here are the new Wooden Alchohol Necklace Design in Blue and Silver and Hexagon Sun Geometric Shape Earrings Design (that is still availabe in out etsy shop here).

More photos will be availabe soon!

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