Dec 7, 2010

International Volunteer Day - Workshops

Hello there!
We are extremely happy to share with you our impressions and photos from the International Volunteer Day which took place in the Hungarian Cultural Institute - Sofia, on December4th and 5th.

Special thanks to Bilyana for inviting us to this event and giving us the chance to make our first workshop ever on December 4th.

The event was full of various workshops:


Recycling paper


The fabulous Sushi workshop

And also volunteers' stories about their experiences.

You might wonder "What about CRAFTWOMEN workshop?"
Well, we called it Clay workshop and it wouldn't be a real one without all the people who took part and shared a piece of their world expressing it through clay.
We had great time with all of you guys. It was real pleasure to design and craft together!

Here are your designs:

The evening floated off with a Darplay game which was the end of all shared emotions.


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