Apr 22, 2017

Earth Day 22nd April 2017 Call to Action Ideas for Improving the Environment

Today, 22nd April is the Earth Day and this year the Earth Day Campaign is going to focus on "climate literacy to empower global citizens with knowledge to inspire action for environmental protection".

Here is our list with ideas how everybody consciously could improve the environment:

1. Reduce using plastic bags or at least use recyclable ones
2. Use products packed in recycled flacons, boxes, packages - nowadays there are tones of companies that offer such kind of products out there in the market
3. Plant trees, flowers, bushes - it can be fun project for both kids, parents and grown-ups plus the end result out of this activity is more than beautiful
4. Recycle the waste (plastic bottles, used batteries, old clothes, cardboard and paper) - build a habit for your household or office to send the waste at the appropriate collectible places
5. Reuse when possible plastic bags and bottles - instead of buying again and again plastic bags when shopping you could always have with you one or two; the same goes for the plastic bottles after usage you can fill the with water, fruit juice or another favourite drink. 
6. Share with your friends, colleges your knowledge and experience that improved your common environment
7. Learn more about the effects of the global waste problem by the Documentary Trashed.

If you are Sofia based Participate in the Recycling Campaign today or just read about 5 Reasons Why to Use Tote Bags.

Plus do not forget: "If you think waste is someone else's problem, think again."

Thank you for reading! Feel free to comment and share with us what are your ways for recycling or reducing the waste.

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