May 8, 2011

София хартиен фест 2011// Sofia Paper Fest 2011

One of the latest events in Sofia city is SOFIA PAPER ART FEST 2011. The fest is organized by Amateras Foundation and takes place in Sofia from 03.05.2011 to30.06.2011.

The program of the fest is absolutely remarkable full with various music concerts and workshops. 100 artist from 36 countries participate in the event.

The fest is spread around the city of Sofia in the following galleries:

National Art Gallery//National Gallery of Foreign Art//Sofia City Art Gallery//Ministry of Foreign Affairs//National Museum of National History//Art Alley Gallery//Art Center Altera//
National Academy of Art//Mazda Gallery//Velmar Foundation//Arena di Srdica

Keep an eye here for upcoming events in Sofia.

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