Sep 15, 2016

September Cultural Events in Sofia

September is back again. 
The culture program is full with events like never before. What you   would need is to have time and to bring with you your adventurous spirit, couple of friends and to start exploring around the city where you will find cool event locations, great people, big parties and lots of fun.

Here follows our top three events from the program around the Bulgarian capital in September.

It is a fact we have already skipped the opening of the exhibition called simply "СТЪКЛО" /GLASS/ dedicated to the glass art making but it is never too late. There are few more days what left to have a closer look at the pieces made out of glass by the students from New Bulgarian University. The venue is the Czech Center in Sofia and you can visit the exhibition until 16th September. 

The next stop is the 9th International Fair of the Puppets that takes place from 16th till 22nd September. It is interesting fact that this year is also the 70th anniversary of Sofia Puppet Theater as well you will have the chance to see the performances of many street and puppet theaters from USA and Europe. The program of the fair you can find both in Bulgarian and English.

And now for something completely different. kvARTal is a festival that takes place for the very first time this year in one of the coziest and multicultural neighborhoods in Sofia-city. The full program of the events during the festival is here.

And one more thing - season soundtrack is never bad idea and for this reason here is our ultimate autumn track plus we are curious what is yours favorite piece of music inspired by the autumn.

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