May 13, 2016

And the Winner Is...

Hey everyone!

Time to announce the Winner of CRAFTWOMEN Studio recycling quiz. Coincidentally (or not) today is also Friday the 13th. So instead of whining and moaning bout walking under ladders and bad luck in general yer beautiful-and-untouched-by-evil Craftwomen would love to urge you to try and recycle some of them evil and dark thoughts and spirits too. Think for a second. A recycled psycho homicidal maniac freak, for example, could turn out a great guy and possibly accompany you for a supersonic gin and tonic rally on your porch instead of dismembering and mutilating your body with a rusty chainsaw. Morbidly depressing bloodbath? Fatal? We say not. "Fatal" is a great Pearl Jam track by the way.

As for the recycling quiz thingy - faith in humanity is restored. Quiz aftermath is encouraging. Keep up and big up! There will always be someone to appreciate the efforts. Oh, and you make ol'Craftwomen proud!

Mind you, there could only be one winner. The random picker generator decided that the prize, Craftwomen's green heart tote bag, will go to:

Congratulations to the Winner in our Recycling quiz! Hope you will enjoy this reusable tote bag!

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