Feb 28, 2017

Martenitsa The Modern Traditional Handmade Accessories

Hello! Sorry for things been a bit slow here on the blog but have not been that slow in our studio! This New Year started full with inspiration, new design projects and a lot of work. For all these a little bit later we will reveal one by one the end results.

Now all of us are just one day away of March ready to embrace the upcoming spring though the official Spring Day is on 20th March. 
This time we are happy that we worked on very special martenisa custom orders made out of white and red yarn. Some of the bracelets and the pom pom pins are also available in our Etsy shop.

What martenitsa tradition follows:

  • On 1st March starts the martenitsa exchange and lasts all month long
  • Martenitsa is a piece of handmade bracelet, pin brooch, a necklace made out of white and red wool or yarn
  • These traditional accessories symbolize wish for good health 
  • You do not buy martenitsa for yourself. You make it as a gift for your friends, family, loved ones
  • You can also decorate home with martenitsa making a corner dedicated to martenitsa details 
  • Once you see a stork you can remove all your martenitsa bracelets and hang them on a blossoming tree

Find out here martenitsa designs what we found last year while hunting for the best martenitsa for friends and family.

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