Jul 16, 2017

SeaTalesSwimwear Epic Swimwear with Designer Illustrations - Digging for Treasuries #July Vol. 2

What is a must for ultimate summer look no matter if you are on the beach or close to the swimming pool, or just walking on the small streets of a beautiful island? Here comes our suggestion for you girls. Feel free to comment here and to make the list below bigger  :)
  1. Straw hat
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Swimwear
  4. Sunscreen 
Today we want to share with you a great online store for one piece swimwear design .
SeaTales Swimwear Etsy Online Shop  will make the experience being at the beach more than exciting. All the swimwear  illustrations are made on Bali island. Absolutely unique, beautiful illustrations as if coming straight from the fairy tales. You can be sure that with the swimsuit what you have from SeaTales Swimwear you will  definitely be stunning on every beach. What is more you can have swimsuit for you and your little one with one and the same design or why not just different one. No matter what you will choose swimwear with floral details, tropical illustrations or just swimsuit with dreamy elements your senses will be overwhelmed with watercolor art and pure beauty.
Make sure yourself from the pictures below!

 Sailboat one piece swimsuit, Girls swim suit Blue star sky Exclusive beach swimwear onepiece Galaxy retro swimsuit Bathing suit TRAVELLER

Sailboat one piece swimsuit, Girls swim suit Blue star sky Exclusive beach swimwear by SeaTalesSwimwear

Digging for Treasuries is series of posts dedicated to Etsy shops and their unique items.
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