Jul 7, 2017

Iskar Reservoir Weekend Ideas Close to Sofia

Friday already is here! Grab your swimsuit, couple of fresh drinks, your friends and let's go to explore! If the seaside is too far away for you Iskar lake is one of the solutions. 
Iskar Reservoir is a destination for relaxation and chilling out away from the stressful days here in the city. Also one of the best destinations close to Sofia for surfing, motor boats, water scooters and of course sunbathing.
The Reservoir is really huge and actually the biggest reservoir in Bulgaria. The sides of the lake itself is good for having a picnic, tenting and camping. If you are into water sports you can just go for boating, canoe and kayaking and even windsurfing.
Here are just few pictures what we have captured during our stay around lake area. 

Caravan Stories

Surf and Strawberries

The forest close to Iskar Reservoir from below

Eagle at Iskar lake

Sunset at Iskar Lake

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