Feb 10, 2016

Love on the Beat! Culture Beat Pazar February Edition

We all know Saint Valentine's Day is just few moments away and we are going to celebrate it in the way how it should be with a lot of music, glitter, good vibes and Love right at Culture Beat Club. All this will take place during the February edition of Culture Beat Pazar on 13th and 14th February, this weekend. Come and join us if you are in the city of Sofia. The organizers of the event definitely have prepared with classy atmosphere, absolutely fabulous selection of Bulgarian designers who had worked out the finest products especially for Valentine's Day. Our studio has already joined the event and we have prepared a stunning jewelry collection, reusable shopping tote bags and a lot of nice surprises for everyone who decide to stop by. If you just do not have the chance to jump around this brilliant song by Mr. Sébastien Tellier is for you guys!  

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