Feb 29, 2016

Hello March! Martenitsa Time!

We love it! Yes, we really do! If there is something that we are waiting for impatiently every year it is definitely the first day of March, which is our Baba Marta Day (Grandma March).

If you haven't heard of Baba Marta Day then you should know that the tradition features exchanging and wearing martenitsas - a piece of red and white adornment supposed to bring you good health and luck. It has to do with spring and new beginnings. When you get to see a stork for the first time you should tie your martenitsa on a blossoming tree. This is a great native custom that has been around for quite some time.
Martenitsas could vary from a simple red and white string to some quite sophisticated pieces. 

It is not rocket science, so you could understand city streets blooming in red and white just like spring trees starting already in early February. Freestyle marketing is on a spree. As much as inventing new martenitsa designs is for the sake of lovely, lovely money, and China representation is sky-high, tradition is still holding its ground and we do not expect it to give in to industrial pressure to an extent that all sweet custom-based romance is completely lost.

Craftwomen are keeping it real and again managed to unearth some worthy gems in a vast realm of mediocrity. Here are some of the most interesting martenitsas out there:

You could of course just stand there with a good bottle of white wine and a better bottle of red wine, playing cool and mixing them bottles ol'martenitsa style, but then again a little gift for people around you wouldn't hurt, now would it? It's not a Valentine thing just meant for your lover. All are welcome.

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