Feb 28, 2016

New Balance

Went to the mall and some of the popular fashion shop streets in town. Big fuck-off lovely sales everywhere. Sales of fall/winter collections mainly. This is fashion industry starting a song on looming spring. Fall/winter is now to be considered dead and obsolete. Make sure you don't get carried away and stay on the right track. You don't want to let Spring catch you looking dull and out of date. Step 1 - be prepared. That's intel and determination.

As always CRAFTWOMEN Studio have their beautiful hands on some of the most valuable information assets in the hood. Here is some insight on the new Spring/Summer colour trends for 2016: be prepared for green flash, fiesta, iced coffee, lilac grey, the soft limpet shell, the warm peach echo, the gentle rose quartz, serenity and snorkel blue and buttercup for happy mood. A palette full of soft colours for everyone spring wardrobe and of course for some future jewellery designs. Check the pantone fashion color report Spring 2016 here.

This out of the way, feel free to enjoy some of our necklaces, earrings and bracelets. You will find them easy to combine with your daily work outfit and even easier with your party rags.


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